Thursday, April 13, 2017

Simmons SDS-1000 Vintage Analog Electronic Drum Synth Module SN 04138

via this auction

"Has been tested thoroughly & works 100%, absolutely no issues. Sounds awesome & creates those classic analog drum sounds.
Made in England in the 1980s and ridiculously rare to come across.

Has a trigger/input for each of the drums (bass, snare, hi tom, med tom, low tom)
Each can be controlled with sensitivity level & output level.
Each drum also has it's own output (if you want to pan individually into your DAW), or you can run mono or stereo out of master outputs.

Controls for each drum: Sensitivity / Filter / Pitch / Bend / Hit Samples / Body / Decay / Noise / Click
Save programs/patches. Trigger LEDs for each drum. Drums can be triggered by a sequencers, trigger pads, etc."

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