Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The sounds of Korg MS-20 Mini with Analog Delay (Deluxe Memory Boy)

Published on Mar 27, 2017 Alex Simesky

"A selection of 5 MS-20 mini sounds with the analog delay Deluxe Memory Boy by Electro-Harmonix. I focused on having melodic "sequences" played by hand in sync with the delay:

1 Pseudo PWM 00:04
2 Glissando Lead 01:33
3 Triangle Bassy Lead 03:47
4 Electro Percussion 04:36
5 Two Bassy Saw Sequences 05:31

Recorded directly with the Zoom H4n Pro, except for the last take, where a Presonus tube preamp was used before the Zoom. A bit of reverb was added in Ableton Live.

Enjoy and thanks for watching :)"


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