Saturday, April 01, 2017


via this auction

See the seller's other items for more configurations.

"This version of my stand holds 3 Roland Boutique synths although only one is shown in these pictures, these are ideal if you have the full range of Boutique Synths.

This stand has been made from MDF wood and is connected via 12x allen head Confirmat Screws (Allen Key & Screws Provided) into an mdf wooden bar.

These are a great addition to the Boutique synths and give a much nicer look and better working angle, These can also be painted or stained with ease to suit your studio.

The Boutique Synths fit snuggly into the stand so do not fully tighten screws until units are placed inside then tighten screws to hold firmly in place. Make sure you do this on a flat surface to ensure the feet are correctly aligned"

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