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Saturday, April 01, 2017

PAIA 4700 Vintage Modular Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"In excellent physical condition. All modules work as they should (warts and all - note that some knobs have strange travel end points, by design).

All electrolytic capacitors on all modules have been replaced! In nearly all cases I used high quality Nichicon PW caps. I also increased cap values in some places to reduce noise.

A number of ICs were replaced to restore full functionality.

All VCOs were tuned and calibrated in May 2012 - scaled for use with my Novation bass station as the CV converter (if that even matters). It has been unused and in storage since then. They are sensitive, and may need recalibration after shipping, so I cannot guarantee that it will arrive in tune.

1) top right LED on sequencer is out, but the step works. An easy fix that I never got around to doing.
2) The 18V supply in this is total crap by design. Consequently, there is still some hum, even after recapping on modules that use it. I was testing the unit in Sweden, and it is possible that the hum was enhanced because of my power set up there. It may be lower when on proper US voltage/frequency. Regardless, after discussing this with Marvin Jones (ex-Paia), I came to the conclusion that the best step would be to just add a new isolated 18V supply. I have not done this though. It's up to the buyer to do if they so desire.

Auction includes the wing cases and the following modules:

Left Top:
4720 Voltage Controlled Oscillator
4720 Voltage Controlled Oscillator
4730 Multi Modal Filter LPF BPF HPF
2720-1 Voltage Control Amplifier

Left Bottom:
4780 Twelve stage analog sequencer
2720-5 Control Oscillator/Noise Source
4761 Multiple

Right Top:
4771 Regulated power supply
4710 Balanced Modulator (ring modulator and VCA)
4711 4/2 Mixer
4712 Reverb (with spring tank)

Right Bottom:
4761 Multiple
4740 Envelope Generator ADSR Trigger
4720 Voltage Controlled Oscillator
2720-12 Inverter/Buffer
2720-11 Envelope Follower Trigger

Again, this DOES NO INCLUDE ANY PATCH CABLES - but I will include a coil of vintage wire and some pin connectors so you can build your own. You will still need 1/8 inch cables though."

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