Saturday, May 27, 2017


Published on May 27, 2017 100 Things I Do

"Looking around the studio this week for inspiration I wanted to do something with both the TB-03 and TB-3 in it. While in some ways they cover the same territory (to the anger of a few people that purchased the TB-3 before Roland released the 03) the 3 has a much more diverse sound and effects engine (and a great little step sequencer you can use on other synths).

I used a sample from the Buchla on the OP-1 and the Elektron RYTM just helps keep things together.

To add interest, I had nothing synched to each other, so while the BPM was set to 113 on everything It came down to hitting the start button at the correct time to keep everything moving togeather (the midi lead between the 3 and the RYTM was not set to Sync).

I'm going to take wee break from youtube for a month. I want to get my latest Album finished and I'm just not finding time and energy to get it into a fix mix and master. I might pop up something randomly but the Sunday Videos will be on hold for 4 weeks. Feel free to message me here or on the social platforms if you have any questions between then and now."

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