Tuesday, May 16, 2017


via this auction

A few issues with this one:

"1. The F# and A# keys in the top octave of the keyboard are intermittent (the ones with dimes on them in the pics). They work, but you have to sometimes depress them a few times before they come back to life. This is a fairly common problem with any keyboard that uses a Panasonic keyboard (Memorymoog, OB8, Polysix, Matrix-12 etc...). For me it hasn't been an issue because I use my OB8 like a sound module via MIDI, using a master keyboard controller. But if you want to use the keyboard, these keys need their contacts cleaned.

2. There are four buttons on the front panel called 'group' buttons: A, B, C, & D. These let you select which bank of programs you want to play. The C and D buttons also need cleaning. They do work, but like the keys mentioned above, you sometimes have to tap on them a few times to get them to light up and work. But they do light up and work. One of the pics shows all four lit so you can see for yourself.

3. The number 5 program button is also a little fussy, but it definitely works. It has the same personality disorder as the others mentioned above. It needs to be cleaned.

(And by the way, There is a guy on YouTube that goes by the name of "sounddoctorin" who sells replacement contact strips for the OB8 keys)."

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