Monday, June 19, 2017

170426 arturia matrix brute improvisation

Published on Jun 19, 2017 yasushik1977

"Arturia MatrixBrute 単体での即興ですが、まだ肌寒い頃に部屋着で撮ってみたら袖口が捲れた下からヒートテックがデロ〜と出ていてお爺ちゃん感ハンパない感じになっていたのでyoutubeのエフェクトでどうにか見えないようにしたら全部が見えづらい動画になってしまい非公開で放置していましたが、いま別の動画を弄っていて発見したので公開しました"


"Arturia MatrixBrute Improvisation alone, but when it was still chilly, I took it in my room wearing a cuff and the heattec was out and it was getting out and it made me feel like a grandchild, so youtube's Although I managed to leave it invisible if I managed to make it invisible, all of it turned out to be a hard-to-see movie and it was left undocumented, but I was releasing it because I was fingering a different video now "

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