Thursday, June 08, 2017

Digitakt – making a beat from a YEAH! sample, Q&A + more (live stream)

Streamed live 8 hours ago BoBeats

"a Bobeats Live Stream with the Digitakt from Elektron.

0:26 Live stream starts
3:15 – A dark and epic Digitakt beat.
8:00 – Questions & Answers about the Digitakt
12:00 – Playing some more lo fi inspired Digitakt beats
32:50 – Talking about my live stream setup
46:50 – Viewer challenge from Linus Minus. Doing a beat where all the sounds come from a cringe YEAH sample.
1:20:00 – Connecting Digitakt to the Keystep
1:26:30 – Making a dance groove with the arp recorded from the Keystep
2:11:56 – Recap of what we have made during the live stream"

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