Monday, June 05, 2017

Digitakt Workflow, Music and Q&A – 2 Hour Live Stream

Streamed live 9 hours ago BoBeats

"Welcome to this Digitakt live stream!

1:04 – Stream starts... I forgot to turn the mic up! Using a new iRIG Mic HD over USB and its great!
2:25 – Playing a first chillout jazzy jam
Taking questions and answering them.
46:30 – Playing two other demos. One having a truly jazzy, experimental, feel to it.
1:07:00 – Playing another demo with some cool vocal chops.
1:18:30 – Sampled a friend playing a medieval acoustic instrument. Made it into a little beat.
1:40:30 – Going over some sounds I made on the Digitakt.
1:50:00 – Going over my all the sounds I have saved on my Digitakt.
1:54:40 – Making a tune and showing how to program a full beat using ONE channel."

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