Saturday, June 17, 2017


via eBay

"This vintage Analog synth is a hands down classic. It's design and layout is quite unique amongst vintage synthesizers. My unit has been well taken care of and preserved, kept in a smoke free studio, never gigged or left my studio, & recently serviced with two pots rebuilt by hand (checked thoroughly by Advanced Musical Electronics in Los Angeles, a 400.00 servicing). Functionally it's excellent, everything works, and the body is in amazing condition for its age. The rear corners of the wood sides are worn, the only visible sign of long age. There are a couple marks under the white keys, shown in photos, all minor wear. The metal chassis is perfect. Lastly, the plastic Effects button cover is loose and came off. Nothing is broken underneath button cover. The fix is to open the synth and put the plastic Effects button cover back in .. but I don't trust myself to do this, have never opened these Korgs at home before and don't want to do so for the first time when selling, in case I damage something."

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