Monday, June 19, 2017


Published on Jun 19, 2017 yasushik1977

"SDD-3000 PEDALの発売直後に制作した動画で、シリーズ物でまずはギター等で活用する動画の後でシンセでの使用例として出ますと聞いていたものの、気づけば生産終了。企画ごと流れてしまったようなので関係者チェック用に限定公開で当時アップしたものを公開に変更してみました。"


"SDD - 3000 It is a movie that I made right after the release of PEDAL, it is a series of things, first of all I heard that it will come out as an example of use at a synth after a movie to be used at a guitar etc, but when it is noticed production ends with flow I seemed to have gone, so I tried changing publicly what was uploaded at that time with a private release for checking related people."

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