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Saturday, August 05, 2017

Dreadbox Abyss Overview by ProckGnosis

Published on Aug 5, 2017

"Part 1 of an overview of the Dreadbox Abyss, 4-voice analog(ue) synth(esizer/esiser). Go to 02:45 to skip the babble and brewski intro. For more specific sound examples, check out the “Dreadbox Abyss - Twiddling With and Exploring the Sounds” video ( [posted here]

This vid covers the VCO, VCF, and VCA sections of the synth (ad nauseam in places). Part 2 will cover the Mode, Mod Wheel, LFO, Effects, and Dip Switch sections of the synth.

A little bit about the synth:
- 4 voice polyphonic analog
- 1 variable-waveform osc and 1 square-wave sub osc per voice
- 24db Murmux low-pass filter
- 2 independent LFOs with 4 selectable wave forms
- 4 playing modes - multi-channel, unison, polyphonic, and chords
- 3 effects sections including Reflector (for flange/chorus effects), Delay, and Phaser

I just haven’t found a synth that can sound as vintage, other than older vintage synths. Looking for that slightly, wobbly, unstable analog synth sound (ala Boards of Canada, etc)? This does it, but in a very controllable way. I do sometimes find myself missing a second oscillator to fatten up the sound a bit in polyphonic mode, but given the variable wave forms and the vintage sounding effects, I’m missing it much less than I thought I would.

I’ve said it in half a dozen other posts, but hats off to Dreadbox for doing synths just a little differently than the rest of the folks (and that’s different in a GOOD way)."

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