MATRIXSYNTH: 3 Modules #28: Maths, Clouds, Ripples

Monday, October 23, 2017

3 Modules #28: Maths, Clouds, Ripples

Published on Oct 23, 2017 Comparative Irrelevance

"Turn off the lights and get ready for some sedate dark ambient tones! I love this slow, pulsating movement, and the warm, heavy thud of Ripples' sine sub. I also like the effect of modulating Clouds' dry/wet blend here: it serves a dual purpose as a VCA for the bass notes and a sort of side-chain compression for the granular sounds.

Note: this recording contains a very wide range of frequencies, from very low bass to piercingly high treble. I recommend using good headphones or full-range speakers to hear it all.

Patch notes:
I'm using Ripples as an oscillator (with some occasional self-FM for richer harmonics) and feeding little snippets of sound into Clouds' buffer, which stays frozen most of the time here. I then tune Ripples to a nice bass frequency and leave the rest up to the modulation that's controlling Clouds.

Maths channel 4 (slow, looping envelope) is controlling Clouds' position, density and blend, which is the dry/wet mix in this case. This is set up so that the wet mix will quickly drop, letting Ripples' bass tone through, and then slowly drift back up to 100% wet while the density gets sparser (moving from counter clockwise towards noon setting) and the position moves forward through the frozen buffer.

Maths channel 1 (quicker looping envelope) is modulating Clouds' texture and size parameter, to create some interesting movements and sonic artefacts.

Occasionally I'll manually change Clouds' pitch setting for variation. I also load different buffers throughout the recording – both by unfreezing and recording new sound from Ripples, and by loading stored buffers from Clouds' memory. Actually, one of those recorded buffers contained something I'd stored forever ago, and I have a feeling it's sampled from Rings, but it sounded so pleasant I couldn't resist using it anyway. The other buffers contain only sounds from Ripples, that I recorded while setting up the patch.

Thanks for watching!"

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