MATRIXSYNTH: Does the Behringer Model D Stack Up Against the Original?

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Does the Behringer Model D Stack Up Against the Original?

Behringer D - Let's Talk Synths - With Mr CowFood

Published on Mar 3, 2018 Marshal Arnold

Discussion starts at 6:29, below is a comparison.

"Behringer D - Let's Talk Synths - With Mr CowFood

Now that the Behringer D is available and I have had a chance to play around with it I wanted to invite back Mr CowFood to discuss this new release from Behringer. The Behringer D, or "Boog" as it's being referred to by many online is a clone of the famous Moog MiniMoog Model D. Mr CowFood and I chat about some of the differences between this clone and the MiniMoog Reissue of which the Boog is based on. There was some discussion also about the High-Pass Filter, apparently there have been some complaints about it so I setup a quick test and all is well with the unit I own. We also chat briefly about the teaser photo from the Midas Team in the UK, possibly getting ready t teardown a Roland Jupiter 8."

Behringer D Vs MiniMoog Model D - THE REMATCH - Technical Video

Published on Mar 4, 2018

You can find the previous video mentioned along with a Roland SE-02 vs. Minimoog comparison here.

"Behringer D Vs MiniMoog Model D - THE REMATCH - Technical Video

Following the first “Shootout” video I made between a MiniMoog Model D and a Behringer D or “Boog” as it's being called online I have taken some feedback from the community and with the suggestions made I have spent an entire evening doing a much more technical comparison of these synthesizers. NOTE this video will probably be very boring for some viewers, my apologies, I do not know how to spice up a video like this, but if you are curious how these 2 synths stack up on a deeper level and have about an hour to burn then give it a spin! In this video I will be covering the following

1- Comparing individual oscillator wave forms one by one (1, 2 and 3).
2- Comparing oscillators with stacked wave forms
3- Some low-pass filter sweeps with varying amounts of resonance
4- Tested the Overdrive circuit
5- Tested the high-pass filer on the Behringer D – (is not a feature on the MiniMoog, but I had questions about it)"

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