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MATRIXSYNTH Posting Guidelines

The #1 rule on the site: Only specific synth demos, pics, and news go up. If you can't ID the synth, and it isn't a demo, don't send it in.

The #1 exception to that rule is if you support the site you are free to send in your synth music, and synths for sale on eBay or Reverb only.

I would love to post everyone's music and items for sale on the site, but as you can imagine it would likely get out of hand, so supporting members only.

That said here are the general posting guidelines:

If you'd like to submit a post please consider becoming a supporting member of the site here. All posts go up manually by hand, seven days a week. Running the site is fun, but also a tremendous amount of work.

Please read the following in full prior to submitting a post:

MATRIXSYNTH is a site focused on featuring specific synths. All posts have to give readers a sense of the specific synth featured, with one exception. That exception is supporting members of the site are free to send in their synth music in general, and any items they have listed for sale on eBay or Reverb. If you are a member, please do send them in. If you are not a member and would like to submit a post, again please consider becoming one here.

MATRIXSYNTH is a daily glimpse into the world of synthesizers with the focus on specific gear. The current format of the site launched in 2005. Prior to MATRIXSYNTH, our only glimpse into the world of synthesizers was through print magazines and a handful of online sites much in the same vein as print magazines. Their focus was primarily on press releases and professional musicians. MATRIXSYNTH was the first site to showcase synthesizers through the eyes and hearts of the everyday individuals that use them.

To submit a post please read the following:

All readers of the site are free to send in items for posts, however, the focus must be on specific, identifiable synths - think synth demos and synth spotting only. Readers need to be able to tell what each synth is doing. The site is about showcasing gear, not music promotion, however supporting members of the site are free to submit their general synth music as a thank you for supporting the site.

Those that support the site get the following benefits:

- Free music posts on the main site - you can submit and promote your music!
- Free auction posts on the main site (eBay and Reverb listed synths only, and new posts require new pics)
- Free MATRIXSYNTH T-Shirt, cards, and a magnet for those that sign up for $5 a month or more.
- Knowing you are an active supporter and contributor of the site!

To become a MATRIXSYNTH Member sign up here.

If you do not need any of the benefits but still want to help support the site, please do so for as little as $1 a month!

If you are a manufacturer or dealer and you want to post your latest product or demos, please send it in! There is no charge and you do not need to be a sponsor or supporter of the site. If you are interested in sponsoring the site for a flat monthly rate in exchange for a banner on the right, send email to matrixsynth@gmail.com for details.

If you submit auction posts on MATRIXSYNTH, please consider supporting the site.

To submit a post or if you have any questions, send email to matrixsynth@gmail.com.