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MATRIXSYNTH Posting Guidelines

MATRIXSYNTH is a unique site in that what goes up is not only what the author of the site finds out there in the world of synths, but also what readers of the site find and submit. The site itself is about showcasing specific synths, not synths in the abstract sense. If you want to promote your music on the site you can, but you have to showcase individual synths while doing so, or you have to post in the Music Promotion section of MATRIXSYNTH CLASSIFIEDS. If you post it on MATRIXSYNTH CLASSIFIEDS it will get a post on MATRIXSYNTH and it will go out on MATRIXSYNTH Twitter and Facebook as well. If you have an item to sell that you would like to promote on the site, you can either list it on eBay or MATRIXSYNTH CLASSIFIEDS and send it in to matrixsynth@gmail.com. The following is what goes up on each site:

MATRIXSYNTH is about individual synths - demos and synth spotting only - music showcasing the synths.
MATRIXSYNTH-B is auction overflow.  Synths only.
MATRIXSYNTH CLASSIFIEDS is an online classifieds site. Posts that go up there go up on MATRIXSYNTH, Twitter and Facebook.
The MATRIXSYNTH Lounge is a Facebook group for readers of the site.  You can share your music and ask questions to fellow readers.

To submit a post or if you have any questions, send email to matrixsynth@gmail.com.

Site Tips: I'll add to this in time.  Feel free to add your tips in the comments.

- Be sure to click the OLDER POSTS link at the bottom of each page to catch up on posts.
- Use the main channel labels at the bottom of posts to bring up posts only for that channel.
- Search for individual synths using the top left Blogger search and sort by date.
- Add additional terms to your search to filter further, for example Synthi Auction.
- Old auction links will take you to the sold page on eBay where you can check the price.
- Search for serial numbers of synths to see if they have been mentioned in the past.
- Search for individual YouTube accounts to filter videos by that user.
- Check the Updates label at least once a day to see post Updates marked in red.