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MATRIXSYNTH Posting Guidelines

MATRIXSYNTH is a daily log of the world of synthesizers with the focus on specific, individually identifiable synths.  Imagine if we were able to capture synth history back during the birth of synthesizers. That time is lost unfortunately, but we can capture synth history moving forward.

MATRIXSYNTH is completely free, however if you'd like to contribute to the site you can do so via the MATRIXSYNTH Patreon page. Patreon contributors that help support the site get to send in extra content including their music and auction items for posts as a thank you for their support. They are also linked to on the Support MATRIXSYNTH page.

All readers of the site are free to send items in for posts, however, the focus must be on specific, identifiable synths - synth demos and synth spotting only. The site is about showcasing gear, not general synth music promotion. If your music does a good job at demonstrating specific gear, feel free to send it in.

GEAR FOR SALE POSTS on MATRIXSYNTH are free for Patreon supporters and $5 for eBay & MATRIXSYNTH CLASSIFIEDS listings only.  If you are a dealer and would like to submit items for sale directly in your shop, contact matrixsynth@gmail for details.  Synths only, one synth per post. You can submit your post as follows:

1. List your item on MATRIXSYNTH CLASSFIEDS. You can include your eBay auction number if you’d like.


2. List your item on eBay and send the auction number and $5 via Paypal to matrixsynth@gmail.com.

The long version of the above: If you have an item for sale that you would like to promote on the site, you can list it on eBay and/or on MATRIXSYNTH CLASSIFIEDS, followed by sending email with the item number or link to matrixsynth@gmail.com. eBay posts run $5 payable via Paypal to matrixsynth@gmail.com.  Classifieds listings run $5 for 90 days paid via Paypal directly through MATRIXSYNTH CLASSIFIEDS when creating a listing.  You can list eBay items on the classifieds site making it a great option as you get the post on MATRIXSYNTH, and you get 90 days of additional exposure at no additional cost. You can update the listing at any time should you need to update the auction number, adjust the price, description, photos, etc. If you have any questions, send email to matrixsynth@gmail.com.

To submit a post or if you have any questions, send email to matrixsynth@gmail.com.

Some site tips:

- Use the OLDER POSTS and NEWER POSTS links at the bottom of each page to catch up on posts.
- To filter posts by a manufacturer or category, click a channel label at the bottom of a post.  If you are a manufacturer you can track what has gone up for you there.  You can share the link on your website and/or social sites to promote your work with your followers.
- When submitting a post keep links in descriptions short so people can copy, right click and open them. Links in most posts are inactive due to the sheer work in creating them. It might not seem like much, but at roughly 50 posts a day you are looking at 50 x the number of links in each post every single day. Those that link to and promote MATRIXSYNTH are more likely to get active links in posts as a thank you. For video descriptions you can click through the video to get to active links on YouTube or Vimeo.
- Use the Blogger Search box on the top left for post format results.  You can sort results by date.
- Use the Google Search box on the top right for Google listed results.
- Add additional terms to your search to filter further, for example Synthi Auction.
- Old auction links will take you to the sold page on eBay where you can check the price.
- Search for serial numbers of synths to see if they have been mentioned in the past.
- Search for individual YouTube accounts to filter videos by that user.
- Check the Updates label at least once a day to see post updates marked in red.
- Be sure to check out the site menu and all links at the top of the site as well as the right.