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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Bergman Tubon & Klavinette

Update via the comments: Some nice pics.

The Tubon came up on the AH list. It's a sort of tube shaped keytar manufactured in 1966 with contrabass, saxaphone, electric bass and woodwind. No one had any information or pictures on it until the following popped up from Mikael Lindgren. The Klavinette is also featured.

Here's a picture of the Bergman Tubon and the Klavinette organ:

"As a matter of fact, the "Tubon" was made in Sweden starting in 1966 by a company named Joh Mustad AB. This early strap-on keyboard is shaped like an oblong tube with a 2 1/2 octave keyboard at one end and controls for the voicings (Contrabass, Saxophone, electric bass, woodwind) at the other end. It ran on batteries and came with a built-in speaker.

Joh Mustad AB were probably most known for the Bergman Klavitron (circa 1964), a small 2-manual spinet organ utilizing vacuum-tube technology. They also came out with a couple of cool portable tube-organs like the Bergman Klavitron and Klavinette, in 1965 and 1966 respectively.

P.S. the Tubon, the Klavitron and the Klavinette were used by numerous Swedish (and Finnish) rock & pop acts during the mid to late sixties."

Update via Frederic in the comments: "Check out the tubon up close! The first keytar?"

Update via Anonymous in the comments: ""

Be sure to see the comments below for more updates.

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    I have one for sale!

  3. Please if anyone read this. I have a Bergman Klavinette, but dont know anything about it. Would love to get more information from someone. I have not been able to play it, so i would love to know if there by any chance exists recordings with this.
    Would also like to get the electrical sheets for it if anyone can provide that.

  4. I just saw one of these in the "flesh" in a studio in NYC. Apparently only 50 ever made. My brain exploded

  5. Check out the tubon up close! The first keytar?

  6. Tonight is on Dutch Radio 2 asked if someone knows what a Tubon is and if in posession what the souns is like.


  7. I have one. Does anyone know how much they are worth?Mine is in awesome condition in the original tube case.

    1. Still selling? Would love to buy it.

  8. Hi, I'm interestid in to buy. However I'm not sure about the price (I've bught a Weltmeister Bassophon last week which is the oldest keytar like instrument - older than Tubon - so might I have a clue...)Please contact me offline my mail is Thanx br, Pala



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