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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Modded Roland TR-606

Update: More on Analogue Haven. Mod doc here.

On the'bay. Wow. It almost looks photoshopped to me. Hrmmmmm... If it wasn't on auction, I don't know if I'd believe it. Nice though. : )

From the auction:

If you think this is just another TR606 with a couple of tweaks then you are wrong..!! This is the most modded TR606 on the planet and it has to be seen and heard to be believed. It has had the following upgrades and mods:-
All switches have been replaced with new parts (They get unreliable with age, this acts and feels like new)

All Led's have been replaced with blue Leds, and Led's have been added to each voice too, so you can see as well as hear which drum is sounding.

It has a full Analogue Solutions tonal mod (costs £140 inc vat), this adds the following extra controls:-

BD; Tune1, Tune2. SD; Tune, Snappy, Noise Decay. LT/HT; Tune, Sweep. CY; Mix (between 2 sound sources), Decay. HH; Tune (affects CY too), OH Decay.

It has individual trigger outs for each voice and longer gate outs too (with selectable voltage), these were added so that it will drive Analogue Solutions and similar Drum modules.

It has individual outputs for each voice in addition to main output.

It has trigger buttons for each voice added, so that individual sounds can be auditioned without the drum machine running.

It has a fine tempo control added for emmm fine control of tempo..!!

Both the internal clock and accent are available as external triggers so that they can drive envelope gates for filters, VCA's, frequency shifters etc on modular synths.

It has Midi clock input added so it can be slaved to an external sequencer or Cubase, Logic etc.

It has a large capacity Lithium memory backup battery added so that you don't have to worry about loosing patterns if the batterys go flat - this should last about 10 years.

The drum volume controls and the dinsync socket have been moved from the TR606 panel to the expander panel to make them more intuitive.

It has a built in power supply with a 230v IEC connector, mains lead is included.

It has a high quality 12 channel stereo mixer with pan controls added, use this with internal voices via patchcords or use it with external triggered drum modules.

It has an 8 way multiple included too (ideal if using this 606 as part of a Doepfer modular setup).

It is in perfect working order and comes with a bound copy of the TR606 manual. It does NOT include the original vinyl carrying case because it's now too big to fit into it..!!

The panel itself is standard 6U size so it will fit into a rack, however it includes a custom made wooden case with rack rails so it can be free standing too.

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