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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Stolen Buchla Music Easel

Update: Click here.

Somone stole Evergreen State College's Music Easel (pictured). If you know anything please contact pbr. To the person who stole this: if you managed to sneak it out of there, sneak it back in. You suck. This is the one Easel, that those of us who can't afford, can actually hope to see one day; I was hoping to see it. Other bloggers and site owners out there who read this site, please feel free to post this as well. Maybe someone that reads your site can help.

"Yes indeed we had our wonderful easel stolen this week. I am heartbroken as it was one of my first instruments here at the college. They did not get the top, so someone has an easel without the top in their possession. We have a possible suspect who I will release his name once the cops finish their initial investigation.

Please circulate this information as widely as you can.



  1. Hope they either catch the bastard or he returns it.

    "Rescuing" an old rotting synth from your high school bandroom closet is one thing, but stealing a rare treasure like that is just evil.

  2. I've been trying to rescue a synclavier from Western in London (Ontario). They have one collecting dust up in an attic.

    Sadly, the theatre prof (strangely) that can let it loose was let go as they were downsizing theatre. Now no one there can easily authorize its release.

  3. i dunno. the state stole the tax money from the people to pay for it in the first place. would you call recovering stolen property from a theif a crime? hmm.

  4. Exactly. He stole from the tax payers including you and me. That Buchla was in a unniversity where tax payers like me could hope to see it one day. Now some jack ass took that for his own personal use. He stole it from us, not the school. I tell you what, start sending me your tax money and I'll start saving for a Buchla. When I buy it I'll just keep it to myself. You don't get to ever see it. How's that? : )

  5. Nice response to "Anonymous," Matrix.

    I always find it amusing when people think of taxes as 'stealing by the state.'

    Gosh, we should never contribute any small amount of money individually so that collectively many can benefit from those things which are too expensive for individuals or don't have a direct profit motive.

    Does 'Anonymous' want to have to pay the fire department directly to save his burning home? And what if they get a better offer from his neighbor should his street go up in flames? Oh well, at least the state didn't steal from him.

    Taxes are the price of living in a complex, sophisticated society and sometimes make things like public access to a rare and beautiful Buchla possible.

  6. i cant understand why Buchla hasnt built more of these, or designed a more modern model

    its one of the most sought after synth gear ever

    well deserved too

    i have dreams of jamming on this with an EMS Synthi and Synton Syrinx on the side

  7. It's not in my front closet behind the suitcases.
    Please don't look there.

  8. >>the state stole the tax money from the people to pay for it in the first place. would you call recovering stolen property from a theif a crime?
    You are a complete retard.
    >>It's not in my front closet behind the suitcases. Please don't look there.
    And so are you.

  9. I may be a retard, Dave, but at least I can drive a car without hitting something ;)

  10. If you ask me, it was a stupid idea to advertise all that gear on the web in the first place. It's almost an invitation for someone to come in and steal it. :((( I hope the person realized his mistake and just returns it, cause when he goes to sell it, he's gonna get caught. Or if he stole it to keep, someone's gonna see it and his secret's gonna get out. Evergreen should post some better pictures of it so we can see any scratches or other flaws so if it turns up, we'll know it's that Easel. I'd be surprised if they didn't have cameras around their campus that would help them ID the thief. I'm looking forward to hearing more about this story.

  11. Yeah, you'd have an easier time fencing a stolen Rolls Royce than selling one of the few dozen surviving Music Easels.

  12. All the more reason to use only a PO box address when you're dealing with strangers online.

  13. so what happened? Has it been returned yet? :(

  14. Not that I'm aware of.



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