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Friday, July 21, 2006

Warning on YouTube

Just in case you plan to upload that next big hit...

"Before you upload that video of your 19-person indie rocker reggae band, for instance, you may want to read the fine print. YouTube's "new" Terms & Conditions allow them to sell whatever you uploaded however they want"

Click through for the full story. Then click here for more.


  1. Yeh thats pretty sketchy. The idea is that if you remove your content they have to stop using it, but thats means theyr still banking on some people not removing it. Most of the stuff on that site is garbage anyway, but some of it is good. It would be wise to not upload anything you would like the keep to yourself on that site. My boss is a lawyer, and we have talked about these kinds of terms before (myspace for ex.) His suggestion was to stay clear of sites like this.

  2. I would be DELIGHTED if anyone paid any attention to anything i uploaded to youtube....
    99% of stuff uploaded to that site would have never made any money anyways, at least someone (i.e. Youtube might actually use it in a way which makes them a profit). And hey, if they do, GOOD FOR THEM because hell it is an awesome service as is, free easy uploading of videos and a whole bunch of stuff i love to search through....that alone makes me say...... YOUTUBE, take anything you like from me, even if it is me performing and make your money from it, your service is more then worth it.

  3. I bet they change all that within 2 weeks. A similar thing happened on MySpace when Mr. Murdoc took over. They changed the agreement so that they owned everything. Interestingly Billy Bragg made some noise about it which led to a decent ammount of press, including the recent issue of Spin. In the Spin article people from MySpace said that wasn't the intent of the user agreement and that since lawyers wrote it up everything got messed up. The user agreement has since changed. You can read about it a bit on Billy Braggs MySpace page.

  4. anonymous: the key to people finding you is to advertise. you can't post as anonymous and say 'gosh everyone, please notice me'.

    Nature favours peacocks.

  5. Given that a good chunk of the stuff on YouTube is copyrighted material posted without permission of the copyright holders YouTube is just asking for trouble with a term of service like that.


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