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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Yamaha AN1X Samples

Title link takes you to samples via elmosexwhistle on this VSE thread. Also backed up here.

What always fascinated me about the AN1X is that you can hear Yamaha CS80 in it. More so than any other VA. Yet, I don't remember Yamaha ever touting that it had that character to it. My guess is that they did not want to box it in. Going through this set, I'm amazed at the diverse reange of sounds this synth is capable of. BTW, check out the nes triangle mp3 in the set for a treat. Another fascinating bit about the AN1X was that the UK Yamaha release the Roland JP8000 factory presets for it. I A/Bed the AN1X to a JP8000 and the presets were spot on for the most part. It was pretty amazing.


  1. Well Yamaha was supposed to have based it on the Prophet 5 (their buying Sequential Circuits and all). Just because it can make long enveloped analog type sounds doesn't make it much of a CS-80. For one thing it certainly has 24db sounding filters and not 2 parallel 12db LP and HP filters in an always layerered voice.

    To me it has a very bland sound that's saved by integrated effects and arpeggiation. Try turning off the effects and you will probably agree. Even compare it to a nord, who shows more courage by not including fx on the original NL. While you generally want to add effects to synths, after years of listening I'm of the opinion that better synths do still sound interesting without effects/arpeggiation and that enough clever effects can make just about anything sound more or less interesting

  2. I didn't know that the original NL had no effects. I always thought it sounded pretty thin and wondered what all the buzz was about.

    Mine sounds great (with FX). Has a lot of punch. Now that Matrix mentions it, yes, I do hear a lot of similarity between it and the CS-80.

    I've never really listened to it much with no FX. FX are just part of its sound.

    It's true that the best synths sound great without FX.

    On that note, a Cyndustries Zeroscillator arrived yesterday and no filter is needed for it to sound totally wikid wild. It certainly is the bees knees and the wasps nipples.

  3. i bet i could replace my cs1x with an an1x without the wife noticing!
    my cs1x is a fun little synth but a bit of a toy really. great controller keyboard though. but the an1x has got the aftertouch, nice!.

    couple on the bay right now. ah, a fool and his money.

  4. Yeah, I heard the Prophet 5 analogy before, but I don't hear it with the AN1X. I beleive the PCI Oasys also modeled the Prophet 5. When I got my hands on a CS60 and played the AN1X I immediately heard the overlap in character. Same thing happened when I first played a Virus B and an Oberheim - the Virus is capable of the character of the Matrix line of Oberheim synths. The Nord sounds very Prophet like but a bit thinner and sterile, but sharper - it cuts like an MS20 filter with a bit of resonance if you know what that sounds like. Another interesting bit is I compared the Prophet 5 presets on the Nord Lead 1 to the presets of a Prophet 5. The character is there but they are noticabley different. The AN1X JP8000 patches on the other hand were spot on, it was uncanny.

    The CS1X is actually a refreshing synth in my opinion. Light and fun for lack of a better description. It's odd how different synths bring up different impressions. The CS1X reminds me of a bright sunny day, partialy cloudy, 70-75 degrees and a slight breeze. Bwahahaha.. Bizarre but true.

  5. the cs1x is the sunshine acid synth, you're right : ) It has a hard time being serious, or being scary, but fun nonetheless. it was my first synth, i traded an old guitar for it.
    some guy did a 'bluebook' for it which was way better than the manual at getting the most out of it.

    that those jp8000 patches were so dead on, and some of the other patches were so kinda lame,it makes me think it's all a matter of programming the an1x to make it nice nice.

    the whole cs line were budget priced after all....

    how about that fizmo?
    wouldnt mind one o dem:


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