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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Acidlab Bombass

I knew about the Acidlab Bassline for a while now, but I didn't realize they also had another product called the Bombass. Via xonox:

"It is named Bombass. It is a monosynth table top module as you can see on the picture. The bombass is quite quirky and can sound very acid too. It is quite flexible thanks to ring mod or sync between the 2 oscillators. The lfos have some weird waveforms, which helps getting some squishy sounds. It all depends on how you use it. It is one of the few monosynths i know with an accent input. The bombass does not have midi, it is cv/gate only."

I checked the Acidlab site (title link) and couldn't find any info on the Bombass, however there are some samples on the Klang page.

Update: Some info and another shot sent in via an anonymous reader.

"owners of the boombass can be happy, coz only 10 of them were made and it
seems that no further batch is planned (8 are around, 1 belongs to me and 1
belongs to klaus). that is the reason why there is no info on

the boombass is in principle a pimped bassline with a additional 2nd osc,
filter-fm, a pitch envelope (sweep) and a lfo with individual routing to vco
and vcf.

the lfo is very, very fast and could be reseted by gate in. also the lfo
folows the contol voltage, so the filter or the osc can be "fm-ed" in tune.
the lfo has 6 waveforms: triangle, square, "stepped-ramp" up and down,
random, s/h.

the vco can be switched to 6 operating modes: single osc saw, single osc
square, 50/50 mix square, sync, ringmod, external in (off). white noise can
always be mixed to the signal."


  1. Is that a modded bassline on the pic ?

    Just 10 bombass? Such a shame! It's one of the most fun synths i've ever used...

    They should make another batch and make more promotions about it :)

  2. yes, it is the "mystery wrapped", modded bassline serial #2. ;-)
    the mods are amp-env decay and filter-fm from osc or external in. pertinaciously begging for mods leaded to the development of the bombass. ;-)

  3. I guess you are the owner of the pictured bassline (and bombass) huh ?

    bassline serial 2 ? I don't know how to check out the serial of my bassline :P

    I sure love both of my acidlab synths.

    What do you use to control the bombass ?

  4. yes, i'm the owner of the bombass/bassline in the case.

    you can not find any serial# on or in the bassline. but i know that i have #002. #000 (prototype) = klaus, #001 (with blank frontplate) = michael, #002 (first one from first batch of 10) = mine.

    the first batch hadn't the octave switch.

    if you want to get a special and rare model, try to get a golden one coz only 10 of them were made.

    i control my bombass with the bassline, the tb303 or the mc202.
    accent cames from tr606, tr808 or tr909.

  5. I made a video demo of the Bombass on my website

  6. y0 y0 y0-

    I recently purchased a bombass off ebay.

    It's not a bad unit, but it won't be anywhere near as cool as the x0xb0x with the DevilFish mod (HINT HINT to moderator to go out in search of bcbox's DF mod for the x0xb0x)

    The site has the BOMBASS available for sale...



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