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Saturday, September 09, 2006

EEF Sequencer and Modular

Via an anonymous reader:

"The EEF 16-4 Sequencer (an Belgium 80ties brand) only 8 made.(I bought this one for 150$) It was owned from an 80ties electro band ‘The Klinik’ The EEF Modular.."

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Update: make sure to check out the comments for more details on EEF.


  1. This so-called EEF 16-4 sequencer was not a Belgian band. It simply is the name of this particular sequencer, built by a guy named Eric. E. Feremans (hence the name), who was the founder of a non-profit organisation in Antwerp (Be) called ELK-Muziek.
    In ELK Muziek you could learn about electronic music synthesis, and also how to build your own modular synth. This was late-70ties, early 80-ties.
    The 16-4 sequencer is part of a modular system, and I seriously doubt there were built more than two or maybe four (I was a very active member of that group, and even used this sequencer myself).

    The Klinik still exists, and is still very popular in the industrial music scene. Marc Verhaegen (its main member) may have borrowed this sequencer on a few occasions, yes.

    If you want to see really rare, then go here ( A modular built by the engineer who also designed this sequencer (and other parts of the EEF modular)...

    Contact me if you need more info.

  2. Oh, forgot... If I remember well, I even helped in designing this sequencer (I have bad memory, sorry). I certainly designed the interface and face plate.

  3. Feremans realy have tryed to sell his stuff,he did it on some music fairs in the past,so you can consider it as a 'Brand'.

    The seller of the one i buyed,have buyed direct from 'The Klinik' and actualy have seen 4 exemplaries in fron of his nose,so in any case the where more as 2....

  4. oh,i forgot... i know the guy that own the AEMIT and worked on the sequencer,
    sadly the AEMIT is 60 % funktional ATM...

  5. great!! you know KLINIK over here? cool!! go some EEF synth pictures, will post them somewhere soon..

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  7. @guy: I tried to email you but failed.. could you contact me?

  8. I'm the current owner of the EEF Modular shown above. And I was always looking for any information about this system. Interestingly the modules are labeled "DR" (with the D turend around). Is Eric E Fermans still active? Would be great to get in touch with him...

  9. Hi Guys

    I own this sequencer.
    Use it with my system 100M.
    Very nice sequencer.

  10. Hello

    I used to live in Antwerp in the mid 80's and bought a DIY-kit of the EEF-synth as designed by Eric Feremans. About a year ago a cleaned up the atic and brought down the synth. Unfortunately it didn't work anymore. Only smoke but no sound came out. I started searching for Eric Feremans and found a contact. Eric moved to the other side of Flanders and has nothing to do anymore with synths. He's in 3D-printing etc.

    After the smoke, I turned to Doepfer & co.

    @anybody: if someone has the guts, the time and the courage to restore the EEF, please contact me

    @theo: I have a cellphonenumber of Eric Feremans, contact me to get the contactnumber


  11. @geertl

    Can you please contact me about the EEF ?

  12. Hi!
    Glad to see that people still love my synthesizers/sequencers.
    They were part of a project to teach people electronic music in a time this was not financially evident.
    So I constructed kits, and an organisation (elk muziek) helped people to build them, tune them, use them and organised concerts to show the possibilities of elctronic music.
    Later, this organisation gave birth to the faculty of electronic music at the Royal conservatory in Brussel.
    AFter being succesfull by typically Belgian stupidity it was cancelled, without giving any reason.
    A court case (lasting more than 15 years) is still going on between me and the Flemisch government that is showing its stupidity :(
    eric feremans


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