Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Title link takes you, the new website for Dave Lovelace's new band PONG. Note this is just a teaser site at the moment and the links do not yet work. Dave is the creator of The Packrat series and more.

"Here's a link to a teaser site I made for "PONG," the new '80s band that just got put together. It's basically like Plastica, but 100% New Wave hits (i.e. not as punk, nor anything too obscure), and possibly more in tune with the private party / wedding scene.

We're also going to stick with the original "cheese factor" of the originals as much as humanly possible to really make people feel like it's 20 years ago. It was very tempting in Plastica (as it is with other local bands that play an occasional oldie) to "rokk out" the wimpier hits (or just go for comedy), but this time around we're going to try to embrace the vintage sound and see what happens.

Should be an update in the next few months about gigs; for now we're dusting off our material. We only just completed auditions and got commitments from everyone within just this past week, actually..."


  1. YAY: fun time party band '80s excrement. Thanks for the link Matrix.

    BOO: I've already gotten a couple emails telling me I got Voltron's colors wrong.

    Wellsir... Voltron wasn't made up of five ugly musicians either! It's not Voltron, it are Pongtron! Magic music action GO!

    Dave's pants alert level: Brown

  2. There has been a quasi-Newave party band called Pong in existence since the late-90's. They are from Austin.

  3. I love Austin and hope to check out our alter-egos sometime. We probably won't play outside of CT very often, nor do we expect to see Austin's iteration of Pong any time soon up this way. We're certainly not gonna go forming any LLC's either....



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