Sunday, October 01, 2006

EAR BUZZ - News from EAR

Plan B Model 10 Polyphonic Envelope released

The first shipments of Model 10's will be delivered and shipped to our dealers Monday. US customers will have them available as early as the day after that. Please leave more time for international shipping to our European dealers.

Major announcement forthcoming on EAR-GROUP.NET

In the next few days Electro-Acoustic Research will announce the first of two new partners into the consortium which will expand it's products and services into an entirely new direction. Keep your browsers here for the official announcement...soon!

Plan B Model 24 Heisenberg Generator progress report

The Model 24 PCBs and faceplates have arrived. Some initial units have been built, but we've determined some slight tweeks required to the firmware. We just felt that your entire system bursting into flames may be a bit too severe for some users. Just kidding - it's only a software interrupt issue, nothing major. Shipments will commence very shortly.

Plan B Model 16 Spectral Multiplexer progress report

The M16 design has been finaliized and with that effort a few new features have been added to what already was a robust set of control options. Go here for details. The board layout process is now in full swing, faceplates are on order and we should be seeing the first of these within a month or so.

Module Statistics added

We have added module statistics (width, maximum current draw) to all released products on the site. They follow directly after the mdule's descriptions.

EAR featured in the Computer Music Journal

The Summer 2006 issue of the prestigious Computer Music Journal features a nice column or two on Electro-Acoustic Research. We'd like to thank our friends Elainie Lillios and Colby Leider for making this happen.

Model 15 ~ a great sine wave just got greater

The Plan B Model 15 Rev. 1.5 boards have arrived. Aside from some minor component placement changes, these new boards have an improved sinewave shaper which reduces the total harmonic distortion by approx. 1/2% (that's one half of one percent). As the photo indicates, the M15 sine has always been real good...but now it's real real good! Instructions for updating your rev. 1.1 to 1.4 boards will be posted in a few days, keep an eye out on this site for updates. For a photo of the resultant waveforms from this change, go here

Model 12 MARK II

The Plan B Model 12 has had a bit of a makeover, adding a Q Low/Q High switch which throws the filter into super high resonance response. It's completely sick, but we think you'll like it Go here All Shipments forom here on in will include the Mark II artwork and functionality.

Model 14 Released

The Model 14 Dual Proocessor has been released at a limited introductionary price of $225 Click here for more info and photos

Model 13 Redux

Like the Model 17, the Dual TImbral Gate has gone through a bit of a facelift with a redesigned board which ellnimates point to point wiring. It's now all done with a single flat cable and the addtion of a second PCB . Go here

New Gallery Section

The homepage was taking too long to load, so we moved our fotos to their very own section. Use the Navbar GALLERY tab to check them out or go here

Plan B Mystery Meat

the following link is a soundbyte of an all-Plan B patch which along with a single Model 10, Model 13 and Model 15, incorporate three new modules you've not seen nor heard before...but you will real real soon One hint: that's NOT a model 12 filter you're hearing. . Go here


  1. Lemme get this straight... he is making an announcement about an upcoming announcement??

  2. spam at its finest. complete with all the grammatical errors.

  3. Spam? Its just the 'whats new' section copied straight from the plan b website. How is keeping those interested up to date spam? Do you actually know what spam means?

  4. yeh:

  5. So why the bad blood between Samppa and Peter (I'm assuming one of these was posted by Samppa based on his AH postings).

  6. maybe if he/she actually tried some of plan b's amazing modules he would shut the fuck up. Perhaps this is a case of penis envy.

  7. Perhaps Sampaa's read posts where PG has trouble spelling and proofreading yet has hardcore circuit theory explained to perfection on his site. Doesn't make sense to me either if they are supposedly the same person.
    Then again, perhaps he wanted to buy some of these Plan B's and PG was too busy servicing rock stars.
    You have to admit that PG appears very starstruck.

  8. "Supposedly the same person"? Now that's some funny shit right there. So someone has taken on PG's identity to service rock stars? The Heidi Fleiss on the boutique modular world?
    Well fuck him for making awesome stuff that people want to buy.
    And double fuck him for not proofreading.
    Worst case scenario that I can imagine is that after a long day of making cool stuff, he has a few beers before coming online to talk about his products and deal with a handful of wankers constantly slagging him.
    Best case, same as above without the beer. Actually, I think I prefer the worst case.
    Anyway, I find it kind of funny that one of his biggest critics also happens to make eurorack modules.

  9. i have nothing to add. i just wanted to be the first in this comment thread to post using his actual name and/or known alias. oh and i think huge threads of anony comments are funny.

  10. > Well fuck him for making awesome stuff that people want to buy.

    That doesn't excuse his documented behavior of consitant customer disservice.


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