Thursday, October 19, 2006


This link will take you to FLAME, home to a number of esoteric MIDI and audio projects. You can find the Google translated site here . Pictured is the FLAME-MIDI-SPEAKJET. Make sure to check out the samples (mirrored here) and videos when there.

Details on the FLAME-MIDI-SPEAKJET (Google translated from German):

"With the current project it concerns a small MIDI controllable sound module on basis of the similar language chip “SpeakJet” (TM) of the American company “Magnevation LLC”. Originally for simple artificially generated acoustic output (American discussion) conceived, it lay close one, an 8-bit 8-bit-artiges sound module with pseudo language to develop. The possibilities are quite due to the structure of the chip (complex Soundsynthesizer, Presetsounds, serial interface etc.) impressing. Are implemented 72 elements of speech (Allophone), 43 Soundeffecte and 12 DTM Touch of clay/tone. An 8-bit input and/or a serial input serve for control of the functions. Now possible a sound module is to be developed with an external CONTROLLER and the appropriate software, which the internal possibilities use depending upon need. It went simulating primarily not therefore language, but in music applicable sounds, Pattern, producing sequences in the 8-bit style of the 80iger among other things years. It is of advantage among other things that the sound elements are be correctable and tonally can be used. In the current project two SpeakJet chips are used, in order to produce larger more complex sound variety. The equipment is still in the development stage and vorraussichtlich at the end of of 2006 finished will become. With the development board of produced test sounds and sequences can be down belonged by MP3-Download."


  1. Awesome! A synth that uses the speakjet chip.

  2. hi matrix

    Just as midibox implementation (and obviously other projects based on speakjet) are getting finished seems like one of the guys involved in speakjet has come out with a continuation. seems to be much alike, but with extended synthesis capabilities. caught the link at the speakjet yahoogroup. check it out!

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  4. I just bought one of these and built the simple circuit that is given in the datasheet. Wish I could grasp some of the concepts presented about the oscillators but I'm a bit lost. Still I am able to send serial speech to the device and get intelligible speech which was my primary goal for a robotics project I'm working on.



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