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Monday, November 06, 2006

EML 200 S&H Sample

Title link takes you to a 1.4M mp3 via vgemuse.

"Here's a "flight of the killer bumble bee" via an EML 200 S&H circuit
with some fun flexibility."



  1. Wow. Just like the show 'What not to Wear', this screams to me 'What not to Buy'.

    And how dare the EML 200 retro-actively nega-temporally steal the future-cool Wiard Blue look.

    Is any idea in the future safe from being stolen in the past?

  2. What a rude comment! I happened to like the clip. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Perhaps the air pressure at your latitude is different, affecting the gas-brain vibro-transfer.

    No doubt the sample didn't work for me, for up here in the rarefied air of Kanada, we have to have some bass.

    Or, perhaps it's that the acoustik properties of our Igloos really make it hard to listen to most mp3's (the perfect acoustic properties of our igloo technology amplifies MP3 distortions and causes nose bleeds, much as this EML sample did :).

  4. I'll grant you that the "killer bee" saw tooth wave is nothing to write home about. What I found fascinating was the flexibility and expression of the S&H.

  5. hey doc...

    i agree that this sample is not a brilliant musical piece, or even a profound sound sample, but to say that this synth is junk is simply not realistic from a single sample. i could make a horrid sound on any synth (im just that good) but is that a comment on the quality of that synth? it sounds to me like this sample is a raw sawtooth straight out of the oscillator with no filter or VCA (which this synth also has). so what great synth are you comparing to that has lots of bass in the raw sawtooth? only one thats filtered in my understanding. peace

  6. Doktor Future, where are YOUR sound clips?

  7. anon (or one of them):

    I'm being silly. You're very sensitive. Breath with me. In with the good air and out with the bad.

    EML's are way better than 200e's in my book :)

    Oh, and here are lots of my samples for you to cut up (I look forward to it :)

  8. The interesting thing about this is, the S&H on the 200, and also the 101, is kind of limited in that the trigger input is hardwired to an internal (non-VC) oscillator. The signal input is normalled to oscillator 1, so when you use it in the normalled configuration and use the output to modulate the pitch of a VCO, you get these odd stair-stepped patterns. What's interesting about that is that for some reason, it never occurs to a lot of people with modulars to try this patch. Let's all admit it, what't the first thing you did when you got your S&H? You ran white noise into the signal input and used it to do random notes, didn't you? (Guilty as charged...)

    I have a 101 sample that uses the same sort of patch, but with a more interesting waveform. I'll put it up on my Web page tonight.

    (Oh, and if you have a 101, it's fairly easy to modify it to add an insert point for the S&H trigger input to override the internal oscillator. I'm not sure about the 200 since I've not seen the inside of one, but I'll bet it's similar.)

  9. Cornutt -- Cool, I'd love to hear your 101 sample.

  10. doktor,

    Patch something up on your live stream that will piss off my cat.


  11. eww, you have a cat?

  12. Don't all people who own synths have cats?

  13. The EML 200 does have a seperate wave input, not like the 101 which is harwired to OSC 1 which is also fine because it has plenty of waveforms with lots of options.


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