Friday, November 10, 2006

Roland CR-78

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction.

via luke, the seller of this one:
"I'm biting the bullet and selling my Cr-78, will I regret it, hmmm? But I
must build the System 100 so it's for the greater good. It's the cleanest
one I've seen." Yeah it is. Amazing condition.


  1. When he says in the auction that you can program it using anything with a trigger out, does he mean sync it? Or can you program the beats somehow with the trigger?

    I've always thought about getting a CR-78, but I was under the impression you needed some hard to find programmer module to do anything other than play presets...

  2. I thought I was licking those buttons, but I was only licking my screen.

    gear porn. sigh.

  3. Hi, I'm the seller, yes you can program it with any trigger out pulse or even a PC. I use Cubase to programm it just use rim shot or similar click kind of noise and then program each different sound! Easy:)

  4. I can feel a heart of glass coming in the air tonight.

  5. Cool, thanks for responding!

    You don't need to detail out everything about how to program it, but I'm still curious about the basics of how you can program it with just a single trigger input... do you put it in write mode, get it running, and then input the clicks in real time for one instrument at a time? I'm trying to figure out how you would program in a rest/blank spot without it being in real time, and also trying to figure out how you know which instrument you are programming. Does it save it when you're done?

    Definitely a cool, funky box that I've wanted for a while... I use samples of it all the time.

    Thanks again for responding.

  6. Yeah that's pretty much it, what I do is write a 4 bar pattern using a midi track on cubase then substitute the drum sounds for clicks and record each individual track one at a time to CR-78, if you notice on the pictures the programmer section has a dial where you select what drum tone you want "Play" will play back whats coming in so you can preview what tone you want, flick the black swith to "Memory" and it will record. Hope this helps.

  7. Definitely helps, thanks for replying.

  8. Good pics.
    CR-78. Sexiest drum machine ever made.

    a) Just curious - any leaky battery issues? More CR-78's than not seem to have them these days. Would ne'er buy another one unless I was able to inspect the innards.

    b) Anyone know why some CR-78's have wooden cases, and some are covered in black tolex? Was this a factory option?

  9. I have actually looked inside and there is no battery issues at all. It's like new inside and out:)



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