Tuesday, February 27, 2007

BT Robbed

Title link takes you there. Synth list on site and in image. Isn't this the second time this happened to BT?

vis CDM


  1. OMG that's unfortunate... and that's a hell lot of gears stoled... if it's only fraction of the gears stolen, my god... I hope the theif get busted soon!!!

  2. This is terrible. The 2nd time this has happened to BT. I wonder if he recovered any of the gear after the first time.

    This is a good example of why people should be careful about who they have over to their place to see their gear. I hope BT had insurance, but no amount of insurance will get back the work he might have lost.


  3. how sad...

    Always back up your music onto dvd's, or something similar, and mail them somewhere safe. The hardware can always be replaced...but never the music.

  4. In this day and age of cheap technology you can afford to install GSM based GPS tracking devices in your larger more expensive pieces of gear. Some even allow for small CCD cameras to be attached.

    Also, where are his backups? If he's concerned about theft of intellectual property why doesn't he encrypt the disks?

    I have a fairly sizable studio ($100k+ in analogue synths) and I have cameras with motion detection which log video off-site that cost less than any one of my favorite synths. I was contemplating a GPS tracking device in my console but it's rare enough it wouldn't be hard to track down. Likewise with my modular. You can buy custom machined security screws for a few hundred dollars that have a one of a kind machined head and matching removal bit. This will slow thieves down.

  5. I've just been convinced to install video monitoring and alarms as well.

  6. Good thing he's mostly gone virtual. :-\

  7. Anyone who has been ripped off once and didn't take precautions later, deserves to be ripped off again and again.
    Security devices cost less than music gear. No excuse and no tears here.

  8. I am sure they will just give him back the synths once they here how whack his patches are. God forbid they listen to that live set they will have guns in their mouths before anyone can recover anything. What is this "community" he speaks of ? Lets all check in with him in about a year to see how this non-profit is doing. Sorry he got jacked but I still want to punch this dude in the goobags. I still have his drum library from the last time this dude got taken he can have it if he wants it. It is dreadful. Peacing you out BT

  9. ive debated it to death.. there's just too many questions about this that dont add up.

  10. Like the Death Star and dimensional gateway in Contact, you should always have two of everything and maintain a "mirror studio" in a secret location.

    It's just common sense.

  11. Bad publicity is still good publicity. Sure he's BT and may or may not need the attention, shouldve learned the first time still. Skeptical...

  12. I see him going software Neuron soon...

  13. Now that I think of it, it might be true.. a buddy of mine couldve stold oakies wax and personal property that was sent via overseas messenger in NYC.

  14. Damn, the more I think it doesnt add up... It's happened twice, shame on him or it's an inside job and if he notified the authorities I'm sure even chief Wiggum from the Simpsons can figure it out it might be an inside job, unless he was dumb enough not to alarm his studio, but I do remember after reading about the first burglary even his first studio had an alarm. Inside job, probably from alarm monitoring company which I'm sure the cops probably have brainstormed.

  15. Anyone who gets successfully burglarized deserves it. Here's how to never get taken:
    1) Buy a cheap cell phone with a redial button.
    2.)Take it apart.
    3.) Solder wires from your alarm system's relay output to the "redial" button on the phone.
    4.) Program the phone with your personal cell #.

    Now they can cut your phone lines, but they'll have to cover your entire studio with a tin foil sphere to beat this system.

    I like BT's music, but what a loser!

  16. I find it weird you guys are calling him an idiot for not having the foresight to rig together some MacGuyver like contraption to catch would-be burglars.

    I believe it is his touring rig that was stolen. Not sure if it was stolen on tour or what, but it probably wasn't kept in the main studio.

    Should he have been more careful? Yeah, seeing as it got jacked it looks like he probably should have. The fact he didn't protect the thing with laser triggers hooked up to the bat signal doesn't make him a moron though, it just means he's a (gasp) real musician who is busy enough touring and writing music that he doesn't get to spend his spare time brainstorming booby traps.

    The comments about it seeming to be an inside job ring true. I think probably he needs to look at the people he hangs around with, because it's hard to believe that it's pure coincidence for this to happen twice. Again though, that doesn't make him an idiot... just a real person.

    Anyway, yeah... whatever.

  17. I feel as much compassion for this as I do for a really, really slutty individual who catches an STD. You walk around town screaming I GOTTA PHAWKIN' MINT WORTH OF DIAMONDS AT HOME and someone's gonna come lookin'.

  18. EVERYONE should be making mcguyver-like devices. Let's face it, world war three is almost upon us. Are you and your synths ready?

  19. One of my clients was BT's personal assistant a few years back. He's got all his gear in one of his houses. Most houses in LA have flimsy windows and doors all over the place and are impossible to secure. I also have a studio in LA. It's in a cinderblock building with steel doors, and all sorts of Mcguyver-like contraptions to detect and report forced entries. BT should do like Hans Zimmer did and BUY A BUILDING CAPABLE OF SECURING A STUDIO. Instead he bought multiple houses. Commercial buildings aren't that much more expensive than houses here.

    Anyways, I'd like to ask the guy with the custom machined screws who makes the video gear that logs video offsite. I have motion cameras that log onsite in a well hidden security VCR, but offsite is cooler. How is it done?

    By the way, if you ever want your eyes opened, hire a local locksmith to come down to your place and tell you how fast a typical crook can break in. I did, and it was $75 well spent. The methods and tools these guys have to break into almost anything real quick are amazing.

    Oh yeah, get MEDECO locksets. Unpickable.

  20. The tallest tree in the forest is the one that lightning strikes.
    Sometimes twice.

  21. Man, with the hatin' here, it started feeling like the KVRAudio forums...

    Don't anyone mention dongles, ok?

  22. anonomyous above is correct.
    He's got his stuff in his house in LA - over the hill in the valley. Houses just plain suck in these parts. growing up in the east coast and moving out here 12 years back I laugh at houses out here. You really can't secure a house in southern california - they're ridiculously old, crooked, and generally shoddy. even new construction sucks. I have my studio in my house as well I have a double door into my studio with separate locks. I also covered the lone window in the studio so that it's three layers thick (did this for soundproofing as well.
    Best case if music is your primrary occpation is to get a spot in an industrial area. There are some good locations are very secure. This is what most of my friends do.

  23. its Neuron Hartmann was stolen . Impossible to sell again.


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