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Friday, February 23, 2007

Don Martin Mini

Title link takes you to more images of this Donimoog sent in by an anonymous reader. According to the person that sent it in, the "sound is very good, and extreme close, quasi the same as the original mini, I only noticed a different filter tracking." Except that,there are 7 other main differences (physical) Can u find them?"

For those of you not familiar with the Donimoog, Don Martin actually owned the MOOG name in the US when Bob Moog was running his company under the Big Briar name. Bob sued and eventually won his name back. You can read more in this Sound on Sound article where the following was pulled:

"In the 1990s, three new companies appeared, each bearing the Moog name, although none was connected with Bob Moog himself. In addition to the short-lived UK company Moog Music Ltd (see the 'Cambrian Capers' box towards the end of this article), there was the US-based Moog Music Inc, a company owned by a character named Don Martin who made lavish promises of new Minimoogs and other classic Moog products, took deposits from customers, but failed to deliver and then allegedly disappeared. The other company was Moog CE, which built modules for original Moog instruments such as the System 55 and IIIC. The owner of Moog CE, Michael Bucki, recently reached an amicable arrangement with Bob Moog, selling his name back to him, and renaming his company ModuSonics. He is still in business.

With Don Martin's Moog Music Inc defunct, and Moog CE renamed, Bob Moog was then free to rename Big Briar Moog Music Inc, and to undertake the development of the Minimoog Voyager. Except in the UK, of course, where it is marketed and sold as the Voyager By Bob Moog"

So can you spot the 7 differences? : ) BTW, DO NOT MISS this post.


  1. one is the color of the switches

  2. Synthfool knows.

  3. Synth spotters: what is on the shelf below?

  4. I have a Don Martin Minimoog. It sounds great. Not as ballsy as a real Mini, but a heck of a lot Moogier than the Voyager.

  5. What is on the shelf below?
    That would be an Arp, which will remain working longer than that Martin Mini ever will.

  6. ahh... the good old days of sleepless nights and lawsuit threats from Don.


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