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Sunday, March 25, 2007

new modular clips, plan b model 15 pwm + more

Via hefix93 of Velvet Acid Christ:

"I finally got my attenuator. Now i can use the PWM on the plan b model 15. So i made some basic growly pwm osc lead and bass pad patches and showed off the ssm filter i got as well and the frequenstiener.

this is the model 15 pwm into the ssm lowpass filter. basic sweeping of the filter. pretty big if you ask me. [link]

Same as above but with the frequenstiener in lp. but the lp on this is not as fat as the ssm, its more noisy and aggressive. notice my horrid bad live playing ouch. talk about slop. ehehehe [link]

I love this pwm in band pass. kind reminds me of my old juno 60 but with bandpass. nice.. [link]

This just sound viscous to me.. i mean it rips and is nasty in that growling good way. [link]

Warning, this will blow your ears loud heehehehe. model15 pw out into filter in on ssm filter with resonance all the way up in self osc. then mess with freq on the model 15, and the freq knob on ssm to get outer space ufo 60s sci fi sounds. this filter does it the best, much better than the frequensteiner. Let's hear and digital synth modular or not sound like this, not a chance in hell. never.. [link]

these are all recorded directly into my rme fireface 800... nothing else.."

Be sure to check out hefex93's previous review:
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  1. "not a chance in hell. never."???

    Sorry, but you can easily get that sound with an FM synth. It isn't that unique...

    The other demos are better. I like the depth of the first one.

  2. not with that kind of resonance. i guess i should of pointed that out eh?

  3. Viscous? As in "The pooled blood from Nancy Spungen's stomach wound was viscous to the touch"? Or vicious as in "Sid Vicious found Nancy laying in a pool of her own viscous blood"? Or vicious as in "The vicious dog lapped up the viscous blood discovered by Vicious"?

  4. anyone wanna take bets on when ol'hex gets bored of this too and wants to sell it off?

  5. Those are some nice energetic demos.

    I agree with Anon[0], in that the FM sounds are pretty standard modular fare.

  6. fm is. highly resonant fm isn't for digitals. but only is done well on self osc filters.. :) point being you cannot do it on most vanila synths like the virus etc..

  7. and i meant viscous as in sticky like.. :) i say mean and growling too. but yeah. i'm no english major. i butcher the language every day


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