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Thursday, April 05, 2007

4x4 SM Programmable Sequencer

YouTube via synthmonger. Click for more videos.

"This is a new kind of programmable sequencer. Each step can drive other sequencers or clock sources. For instance, in this video I am running one clock source into Row 1 -not into the other Rows. Each of Row 1's step outputs 1, 2, 3, 4, are sending a clock signal to Rows 2-4. Steps on Rows 2-4 are sending signals out to each other. I forgot the exact patch ;C

The Rows are CV'ing 4 simple ghettofied vactrol oscillators.

Here is an example: if you want Row 2 to advance one count everytime Row 1 hits it's 3rd step, you would run a patch from Row 1's 3rd step to Row 2's clock input. You can also run a patch out from Row 2 to Row 1 to allow even more crazy complex sequences.

I used banana jacks because I did not want to use multiple strips. It's 42HP Eurorack.

This is a very SMALL sequencer and I do have one planned for bi-directional sequencing, reset, step amount, etc etc etc. Basically the super duper version is going to be freaking huge -probably 80HP in Eurorack.

If anyone wants to buy it or find out more info on it, hit me up at synthmonger[AT]"


  1. Actually it's not new, the idea is borrowed from the P3, and a custom midibox, and in the software realm, softstep, artwonk/musicwonk, and numerology - although if this one is analog then it's the first time that's been done :)

  2. This is almost exactly like a circuit for a new module I'm working on right now!

    Mine is called 'Tokyo Intersection'. It's 17x17 (holy fuck the knob caps are expensive).

  3. This one is completely analog -no DSP whatsoever. The idea wasn't borrowed from the P3 actually, all I did was convert the gate signal to a narrow-enough pulse wave to act as a clock generator. Very simple.

    17x17?! Oh snap that's nuts! My next one is going to be an 8x8 based off my 4x4, though I'm going to use cascading options, bi-direction, reset, etc etc the whole crazy-kit-n-kaboodle. It's going to be effin huge. Probably 300 some odd holes will need to be drilled ;[



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