Friday, April 06, 2007

Roland WS-1

Title link takes you to a couple more shots via this auction.

"This is the Roland WS-1, the extremely rare write switch for the CR-78 Compurhythm Drum Machine... The CR-78 is one of the best drum machines Roland ever made, but without the WS-1, it's just another beat box. With the WS-1, you have full control over the 4 yellow program buttons on your machine. It is possible to program the CR-78 using a footswitch in real time, you can't program it accurately in step time without this switch." Auction link sent my way via Omeganaut


  1. $800 For a pot and two switches. Yep, that sounds reasonable.

    Whatever you do, don't open it up and reverse engineer it so that all the CR78 owners can create one of these DIY style - that could decrease it's value as a collector's item, and of course that is far more important than it's value as a musical instrument.

    This is the prime example of the great vintage synth ripoff.

  2. And he plans to sell his whole studio. Looks like a billionaire in the making... :3

  3. WTF?

    There already is a nice diy circuit online for a programmer to use with your 606/808/909 to program the cr-78.
    Works a billion time easyer!

  4. $800 is more than I paid for my mint CR78 and WS-1 combined, purchased a year ago from a high-priced dealer.

  5. yeah, this was a serious ripoff, not to mention the WS1's I've seen have had plastic caps on the white switches. i hope nobody's really going to pay a G for this thing, cause that's just insane.

  6. is that even possible? and with buy it now at 200$ over the already absurd starting bid? this is fishy... people don't do that.

  7. yeah, it does seem fishy. why is it this guys high priced stuff sells but other sellers stuff doesnt?

  8. shill bids shill bids shill bids shill bids

  9. shill bids are against ebay policy. if you think its going on here report him.

  10. Interesting logic. First I'm asking too much money for this item. My price is unreasonable. Then it's an absurd ripoff. Then when it actually sells for my asking price, and I am justified, the only possible explanation for those that don't know what they're talking about is that I'm shill bidding.

    There's one other explanation, Mr. Anonymous, that your mind cannot fathom. That is that I know the value of mint, fully functioning gear. The WS-1 is an extremely rare item that to some people is worth $1000. I knew that. You didn't.

    As the seller of this item, I resent your false accusations and fail to understand your logic. I have never shill bid on any items in my life. And what would I gain by clicking on Buy Now for my own item? I'd have to pay $30 plus any listing fees! Please enlighten me.

    This item was a legitimate sale. You will not see it relisted on eBay again.

  11. So what happened to your JP8 auction then? It had a bid and then you ended it prematurely. We won't be seeing that one up on Ebay again, right?

  12. Why post anonymously? Afraid to let us know who is slandering me?

    You won't be seeing my Jupiter-8 up on eBay because I just sold it tonight for $6000 plus shipping.

  13. buddy, we don't care.

  14. Selling off-ebay once an item has been listed is a violation of ebay policies. They can and should cancel your account.

  15. Noble sentiments, but I'm afraid knocking up a home-brew WS1 just isn't going to work.

    There are SERIOUS electronics in there! At least 2 vintage chips, loads of other components and all VERY tightly packed on a PCB.

    The WS1 is expensive, but with good reason. It's not just a glorified footswitch--it's doing sync, clock pulses and lots more.

  16. Hiho,

    got a WS-1 for reasonable price, but without manual...can anyone here help me with a scan of the manual?

    Thank you,


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