Sunday, April 29, 2007


Title link takes you to shots via this auction.

"The Syntecno TeeBee is a bonafide 303 ACID emulator with some tricks up its own sleeve! At first glance you'll notice it has many of the same controls as the original TB-303 - Tuning, Cutoff, Resonance, Env Mod, Decay. It has square and sawtooth waveforms like the 303, and adds a ring modulator and external audio input. There's no Accent but this synth has MIDI with velocity sensitivity (there's your accent). Although it has a sequencer, it is very simple and hidden. Therefore, there is no cool 303 slide effect. However, slide effects can be controlled through MIDI, as well as every other editable parameter using MIDI SysEx commands!
As a 303 emulator it sounds pretty darn good. However, it costs almost as much as the real deal. The Syntecno TeeBee has MIDI in/out, Roland Din Sync and CV / Gate in/out as well as an external audio input making a creative tool in your studio for emulating 303's, filtering external audio such as drum loops or voice, and controlling older synths using CV / Gate."


  1. the CV/ Gate interface was the special thing on this 303 clone (like always, purist would -rightfully- claim that its sound is 9 miles away from the real 303), but usually this one still goes for around 200$ on european ebay. I wonder whats the changes between Mk1 and Mk 3 versions

  2. These usually go for about $200 on US ebay as well, which is why I do not understand the ridiculous pricing on this auction. You could buy a real 303 for cheaper.

  3. Ridiculously high price, I agree. I bought a Mk1 a few years ago for about 300 dollars. Sold it again. Quite nice, with big solid knobs, but also has a somewhat homemade quality to it. Sounds OK, but without the 303 sequencer it's really hard to tell how accurate it is. Soundwise I like the Braintec and MAM MB33 a lot more - I don't make acid though. Main differences between Mk1 and 3 is an extra osc waveform (an MS-like ringmod wave) and some changes in the quite comprehensive MIDI stuff. And a change of colour from black to yellow...

  4. sick of hearing "these things usually go for $xx.xx on eaby man".... in case you haven't checked lately, NOTHING goes for $300 on ebay, we're in the middle of the biggest inflation of proaudio gear prices in the history of humanity... $799 may be a lot, and yeah, the guy running that auction is an actual yeti-cock, but no one has scored on of these for anywhere around $200 in the last 5 years probably.

  5. Not really, slick. You just have to open your eyes. A MAM Superbass (basically the exact same thing) sold on the AH list a week or two ago for $100 and I have seen a few others on AH and craigslist go for around or under $100 all in the last two or three months.

    "no one has scored on of these for anywhere around $200 in the last 5 years probably."

    Oh and just for your information, 5 years ago the analogue craze had not even taken off yet. I got my Pro-one on ebay about 5 years ago for $265. You obviously were not even on ebay five years ago or you would have known that.

  6. And some twelve years ago, I got _my_ Pro-One for $90. In an actual pawn shop, no less.

    What was that you were saying about analog crazes?

    eBay has truly ruined bargain hunting.

  7. anon... "slick"?? is this HEAT and we're in the year 1995 ? no.
    anyways, you oily bastard, I WAS talking about ebay, not AH or some other place where people hook eachother up because it's a community.
    so yeah, back on topic: ebay is ruining it for everyone, and yeah yeah yeah....the analog craze didnt start until recently, blah got the point, you're just trying to sound smart. believe me, I spent way too much time trolling ebay over the past 5 years, I know the trends. it really got out of control over the past year to be exact, but it was on it's way off the deep end for about 2-3.
    anyways, yeah, I'll say it again, I dont care who you are, or where you looked, you don't get shit for good prices , especially $200 on E B A Y (all spelled out nice and easy-like for our oil-slick loving friend up there)...
    warmest regards

  8. If anyone can get me onfe for $200 i'll take it, But i bet no one got one for sale for that price.

  9. The Teebee is the 2nd best 303 emulator after the X0XB0X. One of these hasn't shown up on the bay for a long while and Wavstudios is always 30-40% higher than what things should go for.

    Prices going up? It's not the fault of the seller, it's you if you buy it.

  10. owning both a teebee (for sentimental reasons) and x0xb0x (and well, borrowing an original TB303) i would say that the teebee does *not* sound like the x0x or tb303.

    get a x0xb0x if you want 300$ acid baselines.

  11. Outside of the xox, I do not think that any of these rack or tabletop TB clones could ever even come close to sounding like a 303 because it was the 303s sequencer that gave it that sound, which most of the clones do not have.

  12. yeah! wavstudios, for real, this guy is insane..... I mean, I guess not it his stuff is selling. but man, his prices are out of this world.. and to tell you the truth, his "restores" never look that great anyways, definitely not museum status like luigi (another ebay synth lord).. even though luigis price are usually more reasonable.



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