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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Gary's Wiard 300

Gorgeous Wiard 300 shot sent my way via gary. Click the image for the full effect.

Update via gary:

"The coolest thing not shown in this system is the Continuum Fingerboard which is the keyboard controller for this system!

WC = Waveform City
VCO = Classic VCO
SEQ = Sequantizer
Mix = Mixolator
Borg1 = Borg1 Filter
Dual BorgII = 2 1200 series Borg II filters mounted in a 300 package.
Boogie pair = Boogie Lowpass and highpass filters
The Filter = a first generation Wiard filter
Omni Filter = the last generation Wiard state variable filter
Env = Dual Envelator
WB = Woggle Bug
Jag = Joystick Axis Generator
(sidecar top row, left to right) - WC, VCO, WC, VCO, WC, VCO, WC, VCO.
(sidecar bottom row, l to r) - SEQ, SEQ, SEQ, Mix, Borg1, Borg1, Mix, VCO.
(main unit top row, l to r) - dual BorgII, Boogie pair, The Filter, Omni Filter, Mix, Borg1, Borg1, Borg1, mix, mix.
(main unit, bottom row, l to r) - env, env, env, env,mix, env, env, WB, WB, WB.
(console, left) - Plan B Milton Sequencer, Wiard dual joystick controller.
(console, right, top l to r) - Noise ring, PSIM1, 6 Blacet mult attenuators, custom Wiard vca panner.
(console, right, bottom l to r) Joystick, PSIM1, PSIM1, JAG, JAG."


  1. holy christ almighty that is off the charts

  2. PFFF, you call THAT a modular? probably can hardly make a sound...i wonder if Grant gives a discount for this many modules...or does he have to fork over 800.00 each too...

  3. it is my guess that this is the larget wiard system. only Grant would know

  4. That's really awesome looking.
    I wonder what the modules are mounted with since the Wiard racks only hold six.

    If you've used any of Grant's stuff you wouldn't flinch at the price.

  5. Wow, I wish I was that rich. Must be nice.

  6. That dude has TWO (2) Continuum voltage converters AND on the right, a glass harmonica!

    Wikid to be sure.

  7. John Frankenheimer pays well.

  8. wow! he also has a...

    wait for it...

    BEHRINGER patch bay!

    i wish i was that rich...

  9. It's a custom enclosure. Adam pointed out a side shot which shows two of them in his second link (above).

    Gary Chang is a professional. His credits list something like 80 film scores and his studio reflects these needs. Yeah, Behringer patch bay, but in that room, which is fully 5.1, there's also a Synthclavier, every Waldorf ever made including a super-rare purple-knobbed Wave, a nine panel Serge he's had since the 70s, an Arp 2600, scads of Daking compressors, T.C. 6000 reverb, something like 96 channels of Protools, most running on Apogee goes on. He's also one of the most genuine and knowledgable people currently posting on synth sites. I don't know of any other's of his caliper that approachable or involved with this scene. So if the cone of slience was ever required, this is the time. Please don't flame him, he's definately one of the good guys.

    - P

  10. The Wiard stuff is gorgeous looking... seeing so much of it in one place... wow.

    Something very steampunk about it... probably just my interests showing but I always think it looks kind of like some mad victorian invention that when dialled in correctly turns into a time machine :)

  11. 8*) the Behringer patchbay is in place to bring the input and output of the Schippman Ebbe und Flut from rear to front access....


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