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Friday, May 18, 2007

Vince Clarke Synthesizer Programming

Part 1

Part 2

YouTubes via mode101wpb.


  1. Love these videos. Really love seeing Vince with a Casio. Couldn't quite tell if it's one of his CZ-101's or not, but as a "Master Controller"!? Someone bought one of his CZ's on e-bay and posted all of his presets. They sound awesome; very Erasure.
    Is that an Atari 800? I'm an old C64 guy, so I don't know my Atari's very well.


  2. That's a BBC Micro AFAIK. :)

  3. Definitely, that is a BBC Micro. If you flip it over you'll fund the BUSS and the TUBE (a faster BUSS). Very powerful computers that really went off on a tangent prolonged that 'style' of computing much longer than it was over here in the US.

  4. That's definitely the bbc micro. From what i can recall he's using the UMI sequencer on it. i remember seeing pictures of vince's studio from not too many years ago, maybe 4 or 5? and he still had the bbc up and running. Along with piles and piles of modular gear and just about anything else you'd ever want to drool over. wait let's see. here it is:

  5. Thats a Casio CZ-1000 Vince is using on the video and not the Casio CZ-101 that gerald had said though they are the same machines the CZ-101 has smaller keys and proper buttons.

    Good video. I love to see demos of the CZ synths as I am a proud owner of the CZ-1000 and CZ-101 aswell as the VZ synths.


  6. It makes all the sense in the world. Start with a Casiotone, then eventually fill up a room full of exotic modular synthesizers to sound just like a Casiotone. I'm not being critical. I would have done the same thing.

  7. retry to post:

    BBC Acorn, he's very well known for using one, but today he told us he switched to a mac powerbook or maybe macbook today - the CZ101 was thefirst MIDI Mono Mode Synth 4x Multitimbral, that was much ahead of all others, so one could compose with it and Vince did.. I gues thats the reason, and I is a "numbers" kind of composer, very alphanumeric, so he only need the keys for input..

    yours Moogulator (can log in for ??? reason)..

  8. Gotta love Vince's Essex accent "ent it" LOL. He used to live about 8 miles from where I grew up.

  9. Just realised how similar his voice sounds to Ricky "David Brent" Gervais.

  10. vince endorsed casio for a while.
    when was his CZ auctioned? anyone got a link? and where are the sounds posted?

  11. It makes all the sense in the world. Start with a Casiotone, then eventually fill up a room full of exotic modular synthesizers to sound just like a Casiotone.

    This video is circa early erasure (within the first two albums, I suspect), so Vince was into MIDI sequencing at that point. It would be a few years later that he went back to analog/CV.


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