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Friday, August 24, 2007

Annoying Pop-Ups

I've been getting a few reports on an annoying pop-up on the site. I've seen it twice so far. If you see it AFTER this post leave a comment. I made a change that might take care of it.


  1. I see it again

  2. Seems fixed on my end. I have pop-ups disabled, but I was seeing a file named "ad" downloaded everytime I visited. But it seems to have stopped.

    However, now the youtube previews are gone.... there's just blank space in the blog.

  3. I've had this happen a couple of times where your page suddenly snaps to some shoddy site without me doing anything.
    Just happened then too.

  4. The embedded youtube-videos are working fine here.
    I have never seen a single popup from this site. I guess mainly because Firefox has the default pop-up killer thingy in it enabled.

  5. Thanks. I *think* I might have gotten one of the problems fixed. Let me know if any others come in. It was most likely one of the ads on the site.

  6. this just came up

  7. Jep it's back, its some kind of drive cleaner add stuff

  8. Thanks. OK, made one more change. Please let me know if you see it again. Also, do you ever see it when browsing other sites or is it just here?

  9. The sites were and and it only ever happened here. The really annoying thing was that clicking 'cancel' on the pop-up took you to the site anyway. B*strds.
    Using a blocker isn't an option for me cos I need them for PMs etc at sites like
    Seems alright now, but the youtube links are now knackered for me too. However, if I click the title link and then the youtube player, the vid plays. I can live with that. Thanks for fixing!

  10. Yeah, NEVER click on anything in a pop-up window including buttons that say cancel. It's a trick. Always close out the window with the standard close button on the window itself - usually on the upper right. Glad the pop-ups are finally gone. Thanks for bearing with me. That is odd about the YouTube vids. You'd think they'd fix that problem by now considering how big YouTube has become.



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