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Monday, August 27, 2007

Serge Modular in Custom Case

This was for sale in 2007 by hhelms.

Shots mirrored here with permission.


  1. Nice case and system,but price is to high,he will never sell it at that price.

  2. i think the price is well worth it for such a powerful instrument. you have to remember that the serge is the most compact system in terms of functions per size. its really amazing how much more there is to work with in these systems, but its not all obvious, so most people miss it when they are counting features. its funny to see people struggle with mini controls on doepfer and frac systems when the depth of the cases is more than the height of the front panel!

  3. i could have buy a set idem lik this one (i got it actualy at my home) for 3000USD,finaly i have just buyed the sequencer (meanwhile sold again)

    The most realy interesting modules are the wave multiplier and dual slope,other modules are notting specialcompared with other stuff u can find cheaper.

    i whas impressed by the wave multipliers,prior to shuffle the deal to one of my friends the wave multipliers where cloned xactly,now i can let sound any of my systems like a serge,don't need one..(and certainly not for 8000,lol)

  4. if you could have bought a 3 panel STS serge for 3000USD and didnt, then i dont know what to tell you! you missed out!
    perhaps since you only had it a short while you also missed how great some of the other amazing modules in the line are (or they werent on the system you had - there are over 60 serge modules available). for instance, the amazing smooth stepped generator, the dual transient generator, wilson analog delay (way more than just a delay), resonant eq, ring modulator with voltage control of modulation type from none thru AM to RM, NTO with waveshape morphing (not just crossfading like others) voltage controlled FM depth VC portamento etc. the crazy unique filters (variable slope, variable bandwidth with tons of different outputs), need i go on?
    you can see i love my serge. unfortunately i think people are so used to single function modules (i.e. this is a filter, it filters your vco) that they dont realize how much potential they are missing.

  5. I've heard about the multiple function mudles in the Serge system and have wondered if its just a matter of plugging things in where they normally wouldn't be plugged thus resulting in more "functions"?

    If thats the case, I do that all the time with my EML stuff and it sounds amazing. That being said, if I came across a three panel Serge system for $3k I would find the cash ASAP!

  6. there are several modules in the serge that are designed to be patched to themselves or with other modules in various ways to create functions that arent realizable with the normal out -> in patch logic of other systems, and often can function in a few different ways at once, creating a hybrid function. some very unique things are available doing this, that arent immediately aparent from the controls and names on the front panel. in fact, the banana patching system is ideal for this since you often need to send an output back into an input. with other cable types, the output would no longer be available for patching. but with banana, the output can be sent off to other modules easily because of the stacking cables. the whole system is designed to allow you to create the functions you want (and often discover new ones) rather than having to buy a new module to get a new function. it actually takes a while with the instrument to begin to discover these things - im still finding new things after all these years!

  7. Love that smoove stepped generator.

  8. @woggler, the '3000usd' system had a NTO,simple vco's,that variable slope filter,dual slopes,etc (it was a similar system like this one) i din't have an delay or dual adsr etc..,the NTO is a very good generator (cv- waveform etc..) ,but i wasn't excited at all by the serge filters ,they sound not great at all.

    3000 usd is just to much for a few exceptonal modules,and a typical serge sound where u get stucked with. (due to there bad filters u get always very 'medium range' sounds,forget fat 'moog-like' bass on a serge)

    put only 4 or 5 serge modules into a doepfer or any other system,and u can let it sound like an 8000$ serge system...

    No offence serge stuff is cool,but some modules are a bit overpriced,if u see what they can add to your setup..
    they are other alternatives.

  9. ...if u have an wavetable vco,run this into the vc-waveform of the serge while its banks and waves of the wavetable are also changing,that gives effect!

    u can do that with an rsf Kobol (got 2 nto's into it,powerfull filter and voltage controled envelopes,just add a serge wavemiltiplier,and u have the 'serge posibilities' but with a more powerfull sound..)

  10. So, you're basing your opinion on all Serge filters off of your short experience with one filter?

  11. -anon above: "forget fat 'moog-like' bass on a serge"

    Well, actually its all about how you patch it. check out this link for one way to patch a moog-like 24dB/oct filter on the serge that according to the author:

    "sounds even better than any [Minimoog/VCS3/TB-303] filters"

    so with the serge you arent "stucked with" anything but the tools to make what you want. cool!

  12. woggler said:
    "there are several modules in the serge that..."
    "unfortunately i think people are so used to single function modules".

    Sorry, but these statements are misleading if not wrong.

    First, there are no Serge "modules," there are only Serge panels. This totally limits the amount of customization / configuration that you can do. And, is it true that there are no more custom Serge panels being made?

    Second, what is a "single function module"? One of the strengths of modular synths - all modular synths - is that modules can be used in multiple ways. Example: Serge fans talk as though only the Serge slew limiter can act as a low pass filter. [Rolls eyes.]

    Serge synths are great but please give the hype a rest.

  13. ok j, lets discuss. :)

    --"First, there are no Serge "modules," there are only Serge panels."

    this has been debated to death, and is merely a semantic argument. also, it is widely accepted that either 1) the seperate and distinct function of each unit is enough for it to be called a module, or 2) the entire panel is the most awesome module ever, which can be switched around and reconfigured with other panels to your hearts delight.

    --"This totally limits the amount of customization / configuration that you can do."

    aparently it only limits the amount of customization / configuration that YOU can do, not me :)
    and what huge benifit would there be to your music if you could exchange individual non-modules?

    --"Second, what is a "single function module"? One of the strengths of modular synths - all modular synths - is that modules can be used in multiple ways."

    i agree. this is why the serge is so great for me. it maximizes the multiplicity of uses.

    --"Example: Serge fans talk as though only the Serge slew limiter can act as a low pass filter. [Rolls eyes.]"

    i dont understand what you are trying to say, sorry.

    --"Serge synths are great but please give the hype a rest."

    and all this time i thought we were having an informative discussion about the qualities of the serge system.

  14. Last time I spoke to Rex Probe, about a year and a half ago, he was still making custom panels.

  15. out of my budget, but that is sure one clean looking machine.

  16. Does anyone know who generally can afford to buy these machines? Movie studios, Ivy League universities, Bill Gates? Because I really want to use one. It's just that I'm unable to find a large gold deposit in my front yard.


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