MATRIXSYNTH: Moog LP & DSI MEK Comparison in Hi-Fi pt1

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Moog LP & DSI MEK Comparison in Hi-Fi pt1

YouTube via shaft9000. Sent my way via Mr. Array.
"Here is a basic sound comparison between two incredible synthesizers. They are the two top analog monophonic keyboards on the mass market rather than competing for your adulation, it is best to appreciate what they do differently. You NEED them both!"


  1. Kinda dark in there, but I guess it doesn't matter too much in the ongoing pursuit of mouse-killing dirty funk!

  2. Not to be hater... cool that he made the vid, but even after he noticed that the Moog was playing a square wave, he just made the pulse width thinner; it was still a pulse wave. Tune on those lights, man :>)


  3. A minimum amount of preparation would go a long way. Such as, creating similar patches on both synths.

  4. Who cares about the lighting or if the patches are exactly identical. Man, you guys are such whiners, Why not make your own videos then instead of complaining about everybody elses.

  5. The fellow did a nice job with the audio. It was a very nice audio comparison. But good Lord! This is a video, and the lighting was terrible. It might as well have just been an audio clip.

  6. I have made my own videos, but then again that is what I do for a living. It's frustrating to see such good efforts spoiled by merely not using a simple light.

  7. good idea .... prep next time

  8. Anyone care to comment about the stepped texture to the MEK filter sweep? Can it be slow and smooth?

    Apparently the MEK didn't go to charm school. ;)

  9. What's the deal with the noise that becomes apparent when the MEK's filter opens up? At first I thought it was youtube's compression that was to blame, but it's not there when the LP is being played wide open. It almost sounds like he was playing digital osc waves. Strange.

  10. that stepping is present on MEK - limitation of the oscilator. I kinda have a love-hate relationship going with it... I love the presense and how raw MEK sounds but that stepping is definitely a buzz-kill.

    I love the sequencer on the little guy, that's why the little beast is still living under the same roof as my other "purebred" analogs.

  11. hello all.
    that was my first video. i didn't bother much with lighting because of lack of a camera mount. a c/u of the panels would be OK, but not very helpful given the tiny print on the MEK and esoteric interface on the LP. Besides, getting my mug and other visuals are low priority next to the real purpose of the show bling-bling lights ;-)

    btw those sounds did begin as 'identical' patches. The purpose of the video is to highlight their differences, which is exactly what happens when the knobs start turning.

    MEK filter goes to high res very easily - there's your cause of filter stepping. It's not an Osc characteristic; unless you mean the filter in self-oscillation. All filters step at high res, it's in their nature. The Moog will do it too, albeit much less pronounced and aggro.

  12. "The purpose of the video is to highlight their differences, which is exactly what happens when the knobs start turning."

    Exactly. Glad you pointed that out. You can sometimes get the same sort of sound out of synth but once you start "playing" the controls they are quite different. I enjoyed the video quite a bit myself.



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