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Monday, November 26, 2007

Garfield Electronics Time Commander

images via this auction.

"This is the sale of the Garfield Electronics Time Commander Real Time Clock and Synchronizer, a popular unit back in the 80's among electronic/synth-oriented musicians."

Anyone know more about this piece?

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  1. This unit will sync almost anything to almost anything. They were somewhat popular because they can sync any "old school" clocks to any other "old school" clocks, and even to tape [send it a click, a snare track, or a kick track, and it will generate any and all clock signals - even midi - at the same time]. I use it to generate Roland DIN-SYNC for my TR-808 to lock to. I also own a Garfield MINI-DOC, which I can sync to the Time Commander, and that will then let me sync my CR-78 using its somewhat odd 12 PPQN clock input.

    Between the two of them, I don't think there is a sync/clock I cannot accomodate, and it's nice to have alternate clock rates so I can run things at half or double speed when desired.



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