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Friday, February 29, 2008

Holtek HT36A4 8-Bit Music Synthesizer

"The HT36A4 is an 8-bit high performance RISC-like microcontroller specifically designed for music applications. It provides an 8-bit MCU and a 8 channel wavetable synthesizer. The program ROM is composed of both program control codes and wavetable voice codes, and can be easily programmed.

The HT36A4 has a built-in 8-bit microprocessor which programs the synthesizer to generate the melody by setting the special register from 20H~2AH. A HALT feature is provided to reduce power consumption.

* Operating voltage: 2.4V~5.0V
* Operating frequency: 3.58MHz~12MHz (typ. 8MHz)
* 8 bidirectional I/O lines
* Two 8-bit programmable timer with 8 stage prescaler
* Watchdog Timer
* Built-in 8-bit MCU with 208×8 bits RAM
* Built-in 32K×16-bit ROM for program/data shared
* Mono output
* High D/A converter resolution: 16 bits
* Polyphonic up to 8 notes
* Independent volume mix can be assigned to each sound component
* Sampling rate of 25kHz as 6.4MHz for system frequency
* Eight-level subroutine nesting
* HALT function and wake-up feature to reduce power consumption
* Bit manipulation instructions
* 16-bit table read instructions
* 63 powerful instructions
* All instructions in 1 or 2 machine cycles
* 16-pin DIP/SOP package"

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for the product page.
Anyone know what these are used in or if anyone has done any DIY work with them?

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  1. They seem to be after the gadget market - cell phones, toys, etc.

    There is a bunch of audio chips - converters, speech synthesizers, and wavetable synthesizers with up to 16 voices.

    I'd be a little concerned about pitch precision and sampling artifacts, but it looks like a DIY treasure trove. Would their agents sell small quantities to individuals or only big orders to companies?


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