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Monday, February 18, 2008

What Synths do We Own?

Update: People are still submitting their synth lists in the comments, so feel free to join. I added a permanent link to this post in the Poll section on the right of this site.

Dave of umop thought it might be fun to get a list of what synths the readers of Matixsynth represent. We could then see what synths are the most popular as far as ownership. That said, below is the poll. BE SURE TO SEE IF YOUR SYNTH IS LISTED before just adding it. As you know, posts only stay up for two days on the front page, so don't wait too long. If you have too many synths, just enter the top three for now and add more later if you like - this is meant to be fun, not work. I will add a link to the right after two days, but my guess is it will get forgotten, so... again, do it now. :) BTW, this is 100% anonymous so if you are worried about others knowing what you own, don't be. It will just be a list of synths and a count for each - zero mention of who voted for what. Also enter the Manufacture before the model so it will be sorted as such.

Hmm... Well that sucks. The Others are coming in as Other instead of the synth you enter. Hold off for now. I'll see if there is anything I can do.

Update: OK, I don't see an option to show the individual Other options in the actual poll results, but I can see them on my end. I'll update the post later with the results so far, so keep entering them.

Update: The poll was set to block repeat voters which is normal in a standard poll, so you couldn't enter more than one synth. I just updated it to let you enter multiple results.

Update: OK, it looks like this poll is a dud. I just checked the results in the admin interface and it doesn't give you total counts for individual synths. Instead it just gives you the count for Other. I'll put the list of about 100 results so far in the comments. Sorry about this everyone. Someone has offered to write up a poll the way I wanted it (where you get counts for each synth) in the next couple of weeks, so keep tuned. People are also writing their lists in the comments, so feel free to if you want to as well, but that won't give us total counts for each, which was the purpose of this poll. I thought it would be interesting to see the numbers and even rank the most to least owned synths.


  1. I'll just do it this way...
    Moog Source
    Roland Alpha Juno 1
    Oberheim Matrix-1000
    E-Mu Vintage Keys Plus
    Realistic Concertmate-350
    M-Audio Oxygen 49
    Yamaha CBX-K1

  2. Bummer - I didn't realize that all my "Other" synths had to go into the single text field. Here's the rest of what I wanted to add:

    Kurzweil K2500XS
    Muse Receptor

    Do softsynths count?

  3. ditto for me as well...

    Akai AX-73
    Roland SH-101
    Roland Juno-106
    Siel DK600
    SCI Prophet 600
    SCI Pro-One
    Korg DW8000
    DK Synergy with Kaypro computer
    Chroma Polaris

  4. And the poll is off. Polldaddy won't tally up the counts and that kind of defeats the purpose of the poll. Here's the list up until I closed it:

    Virus Ti
    Virus Ti
    Clavia Nord Modular G2
    Roland MC09
    Minimoog, Korg MS-20, Yamaha SK-20
    Prophet 64
    Korg Poly800
    Roland SH32
    Novation Bassstation Rack
    aries 300
    Yamaha DX200
    Korg Wavestation
    Roland XV-5080
    Korg Wavestation
    OBX, OB-MX, Xpander, Synclavier, Modcan, Buchla
    Doepfer A100
    Roland Juno-106
    Korg TR-61
    Clavia Nord Lead 2X
    Roland JD-800
    Korg Microkorg
    Korg 01/W
    Casio CZ-1000
    Alesis QS-8
    Ensoniq EPS-16
    minimoog Voyager
    buchla 100 buchla 200e
    Ensoniq VFX
    Yamaha CS-50
    Roland Juno 106
    DSI Mono Evolver
    ARP Odyssey
    Moog Little Phatty
    Virus Indigo II
    Yamaha CS80
    Access Virus TI
    ensoniq sq-80
    Moog Little Phatty
    Andromeda, Voyager
    supernova 2 roland jp 8080 roland xp50
    Macbeth M5N
    A6 Andromeda, DSI Evolver, Creamware Minimax
    ems synth / elka synthex
    Korg MS-20
    pink dx7
    ems synthi a
    Roland JP-8000
    Akai AX-80
    A6, SY99, DX7, Semtex, Polivoks
    Yamaha CS-80,ARP 2600,Korg OASYS
    Oakley TM3030, Multimoog, Jupiter-8
    korg monopoly
    Waldorf WAVE 32
    Roland SH-201
    Korg MS-20
    Clavia, Nord Lead 2X; Roland D50; Roland JD800
    Kurzweil K2600
    MOTM Modular
    sh-101, mini. voyager, rs-101, arp solus, polysix, jx-8p, siel orchestra.
    Elektron Monomachine
    juno 60
    Alesis Andromeda
    Sequential Circuits Pro-one
    ARP Odyssey
    Jomox Xbase 999
    Korg EMX-1
    Sequential Circuits Prophet VS
    moog voyager, Macbeth m5, alesis andromeda a6
    Nord Lead 2, Nord Modular
    Sequential Circuits Pro-One
    JP8, Sonic Six, EML-101, Moog Voyager
    Korg Microkorg
    Korg MS 2000r
    Future Retro 777
    Korg Radias
    Kurzweil K2000
    Access Virus C
    Korg Karma
    Sequential Circuits Six-Trak
    Nord Stage 88
    Moog Little Phatty

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  6. I guess this is too late but...
    Roland sh3a
    Yamaha TG33

  7. Can't believe there aren't any better poll systems out there already! Some programmer could make a killing; maybe even enough to buy all these synths.

    Of course the only way this poll would really work is if it was more ongoing than just two days, which is a fairly limited cross-section.

    This sort of registry would make a great website all by itself. anyone? Collaborative site?

    Actually could simply add a functionality where registered forum members can click a button on each synth's individual page, and a line of text could say "47 members & visitors own this synth." Click it to reveal the list of members.

    Two other tables could be Top 100 synths for Popularity, and for Rating.

  8. Dude, I'm gonna need a LOT more space...

  9. SCI Pro One
    DSI Evolver
    Roland Juno 106
    Access Virus B
    Korg Z1
    small frac setup with misc pedals and other CVable stuff.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Kurzweil K2500RS
    EMU Morpheus
    Yamaha QY70
    Casio VZ8M
    Charlie Labs Digitar
    Yamaha EZ EG
    Kawai PH50
    Yamaha SU10
    Alesis SR16
    (an unused)Yamaha DX100
    (an unused)Kawai K-1m
    (an unused)Casio CZ5000
    (wish I had a)Kyma
    (wish I had a)Roland V-Synth
    (wish I had a)Korg Karma
    (wish I had a)Jupiter 6

  12. Hmmpf.......... I think it would take more than two days to make My list........

  13. Korg Z1
    Alesis Micron
    DSI Evolver
    Moog Realistic MG-1

  14. Roland RD-700SX
    Yamaha CBX-K1XG
    Yamaha SY-22 (for sale or trade for Alesis Micron)

  15. I added a permanent link to this post in the Poll section on the right of this site.

  16. Here's my list:

    Rhodes [ARP] Chroma, Chroma Expander, 2 Chroma Polaris' and 1 Chroma Polaris II
    Sequential Circuits Prophet VS,
    Dave Smith Prophet-8 Special Edition and Poly Evolver Keyboard,
    Hartmann Neuron,
    Oberheim Xpander and OB-8,
    Anxiously Awaiting John Bowen Synth Design Hardware Solaris

    I have a few enjoyable monophonics:
    Moog Minimoog and Voyager Signature, and
    Crumar Spirit.

    Other fun goodies
    Yamaha Motif ES8, DX100, FS1r, TG33, S80,
    Alesis Andromeda,
    Elektron Sidstation,
    Korg Triton, Triton Extreme 76, 01WFD, 707, 01R/W, Wavestation SR and A/D,
    Ensoniq ESQm,
    Technics WSA1r,
    Roland JV5080, D550, S550, MKS 7; 10; 20; 30; 50; 70; 80 (all with programmers), D20, JD800, Juno 106
    Kawai K5000s, SX210, SX240, K3, K5,
    Emu Carnival, Xtreme Lead, Audity 2000, Virtuoso 2000,
    Waldorf Q, two original Microwaves, Microwave 2, Pulse Plus, and Microwave XT,
    ARP Omni and Omni II
    Moog CDX,
    Akai VX-600
    Clavia Nord Lead 3 and Nord Electro 73,
    Rhodes 54,
    Casio CZ-101 and various PT series yumyums...
    TONS of MOTU MTP-AV's and regulated power supplies. Everything is housed in multiple Omnirax stations with Yamaha 01V's and 01v96V2 using lightpipe.

    rhodes chorma

  17. I'm quite late, but I prolly have the smallest "collection" ever :P

    Roland Juno-106
    Casio PT-1
    Casio PT-80
    Casio SK-1
    MFOS Weird Noise Box

  18. It's never too late. :)

  19. AKAI AX-60, AKAI AX-80, AKAI S-612, AKAI MD280, Alesis Micron, ART Odyssey, Clavia Nord Electro 73, Clavia Nord Wave, Clavia Nord Modular G2X, Clavia Nord Stage 88, Crumar Bit-01, Dave Smith Instruments Mono Evolver Keyboard, Emu E4XT Ultra, Korg Z1 Expanded + ADAT, Kurzweil K2600XS, Access Virus B, Oberheim Matrix-6, Roland S-550, Roland M-DC1, Roland Juno 106, Roland JV-1080, Yamaha SY-99, Yamaha SY-1, Korg Trinity Pro, JLCooper CS-102, JLCooper CS-10X, JLCooper Expander, Korg N1R, Korg OASYS-PCI, Magnus Organ, Hammond L122, Leslie 760, Rhodes Stage 73 MKII, Lé Logan String Ensemble, Crumar T1, Crumar Performer.

  20. I own a Quasimidi 309 and the Simplesizer which I built myself. I'm thinking about buying a Prodyssey ASB.

  21. Fender Rhodes Stage Piano 73
    Fender Rhodes Suitcase Piano
    Multi Moog
    Hohner E7

  22. ok, Way late but here goes anyway...

    Roland Gr50
    Roland D50
    Akai AX73
    Casio CZ101
    Korg M3R
    Korg Ex8000
    Emu Morpheus

  23. Moog Micromoog
    Roland Juno 106
    Yamaha DX7
    Korg MS-2000
    Roland SH-201
    Alesis Micron
    Casio CT-101
    Bleep Labs Thingamakit
    Voice of Saturn Synth
    ARP Solina String Ensemble
    Korg EA-1
    Korg ER-1
    Korg DS-10
    Pixelh8 GBA Pro Performer

  24. Korg 01Wfd
    Korg TR61
    E-Mu Planet Earth
    MOTU Symphonic Instrument
    reFX Nexus
    a few weird freeware VAs

    coming "soon" and likely to finish off the setup I wanted, M3 lust aside:

    G-Media M-Tron
    Cakewalk Dimension Pro

    PLus a wolf whistle for discouraging telemarketers.

  25. Mpc 2000xl
    Access Virus B
    Roland Vsynth XT
    Roland Tr626
    Alesis Andromeda
    Doepfer MS 404
    PAIA 9700
    PAIA Theremax Theremin
    SCI-Prophet 600
    Electrix Filterqueen & EQ Killer
    Frostwave Sonic Alienator
    2 turntables and some microphones ;)
    Remo Drumset
    Fostex Model 80 reel to reel

    (Wish list...) dreaming...
    Hartmann Neuron
    "A clean" Buchla 200e
    Moog Sonic Six
    John Bowen

  26. Well,
    For Now
    I have the following:
    Korg EMX-1
    Korg ES-MK2
    Korg MicroKorg
    Alesis MMT-8
    M-Audio Axiom 25
    [If samplers and controllers count]

    Im expecting a TB-303
    And an MC-202 later this year

  27. ROLAND//
    JUNO 6
    JUNO 60
    JUNO 106
    JX 3P
    MKS 70
    SATURN 09
    JV 1010
    D 50
    D 550
    SH 101

    MG 1

    MS 20 (2X)
    POLY 800
    POLY 61 M

    TX 7

    VX 600

    MATRIX 6 R

    NORD RACK (1)


    I don't put the softsynths and drummachines in this list

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Oberheim Xpander
    Oberheim Matrix 6R
    Waldorf Microwave XT
    Kawai K5m
    Yamaha CS15
    Yamaha TG77
    Ensoniq ESQm
    Ensoniq Mirage
    Emu e6400
    Boss Dr110
    Sonic Core Scope Card (former Creamware Pulsar II) with a bunch of cool synths.
    And another Ensoniq ESQm on the way (way too cool under-rated synth)

  30. Clavia Nord Lead 2X
    Korg Mono/Poly
    Roland TR606
    Yamaha PSS390

  31. KORG: Legacy Collection (V1.01)

    Roland: D-50 and PG 1000
    JX3-P and PG 200

    EHX: Small Stone Phaser

  32. Kurzweil K2661(s)
    Yamaha FS1R

  33. Moog MG-1 "ConcertMate"
    Yamaha SK-20 "Symphonic Ensemble"
    Ace Tone FR-1 "Rhythm Ace"
    Rebel Labs Vx-7 "Vixen"

    Nate Krell

  34. I was hoping you guys would like to put my video on your blog.

    Link to video:

    my email is:


  35. As of right now it looks like this:

    Roland JD-800
    DSI Mono Evolver Keyboard
    Korg Wavestation EX and A/D

    The Wavestation EX is destined for Ebay very soon and I am considering throwing the A/D up as well to finance the next box which will either be a Blofeld or a JD-990.

  36. Korg Polysix
    Emu SP-1200
    Yamaha TG-33
    Casio SK-5 (not circuit bent)

  37. Yamaha DX7
    Yamaha Motif 6
    Korg R3

  38. Alesis NanoBass
    Casio CZ5000
    Korg Er-1, DS-10
    Oberheim Matrix 6
    Red Sound DarkStar XP
    Roland HS10
    Yamaha DX7IID, TX81Z, DX200

  39. Roland Jupiter 4
    Nord 3 Rack
    Yamaha CS6X
    Emu E5000 Ultra
    Korg ER1
    Roland JX3P with Programmer

    and a pair of 1210's

  40. Moog Opus 3,
    Rhodes Suitcase 73,
    Creamware B4000 Hammond ASB,
    GEM RP-X Piano Module,
    Vintage Keys,
    ROLAND A-30 (controller)

  41. Roland Fantom G
    Roland JP-8000
    Waldorf Blofeld
    Oberheim OB-12

    DIY Weird Sound Generator

  42. Here's what i got...

    Roland SH-1000
    Korg DW-6000
    Korg Poly-800 w/moog slayer and FM mods
    Yamaha CS-15 w/lfo, filter, and osc sync mods
    Crumar Orchestrator
    Hohner Electronic Piano Mk1
    Electric Western Phantastron

  43. here's mine:

    * Korg ESX1: All Sequences/Drums
    * Yamaha TX81z: Reverby/Pumpy Sawtooth Bass
    * Roland MKS50: Hoover/Saw/Lead
    * Redsound SoundBite Pro:noise loop
    * Korg Kaoss pad 2: Tempo Delay
    * Korg Kaoss Pad 3: Looper(snare rolls), Grainshifter
    * Korg Kaossilator: Noise Sweeps
    * Korg ER1: Beatbox AND sidechain signal
    * DX200:303-esque sequence
    * Motu Midi Mixer 7s
    * Kawai Midi Patchbay
    * DBX MC 6

  44. Rhodes mark 1 73 stage
    Rhodes VK-100

    Yamaha DX-5
    Yamaha DX-7 x2
    Yamaha SY-55
    Yamaha KX-88
    Yamaha TX-802
    Yamaha TX-216

    Casio MT-35
    Casio FZ-1
    Casio VZ-1

    Roland RS-101
    Roland Juno-106
    Rpland D-50
    Roland JX-8P x2
    Roland JX-10
    Roland VP-550
    Roland VK-09
    Roland JV-50
    Roland JV-30
    Roland JV-880
    Roland JV-1010
    Roland JV 1080 x3
    Roland U-220

    Korg MS-2000B
    Korg M3-R
    Korg O5-RW
    Korg Kaosspad (smaller one)
    Korg Kaossoilator

    Kurzweil K-2000VP
    Kurzweil K-2500R
    Kurzweil K-2600S

    Proteus MPS

    Voce micro-B3
    Voce electric piano (module)

    Elka MK88-II

    Studiologic SL-990pro



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