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Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Largest Keyboard Collection in the World

YouTube via AndyWhitmore.

I'm sure he means figuratively. BTW, check out what he says about the Xpander. Anyone know if that was a common thing to say about it when it came out? I forget, but it does seam familiar.

"A tour of Andy Whitmore's Greystoke Studios in West London including UK's largest keyboards collection in this top recording studio. Synthesizers, Pianos, Organs, Hammond, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Mini Moog, Roland, Arp Odyssey, Pro-Logic, Protools, Gibson Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster, Macintosh computer, Mackie d8b, Nuemann, Akg C12 Mike, EMS VCS3, Stevie Wonder, Santana"


  1. Classic. Like an analog version of a wanker.

  2. Maybe the point he was trying to make is that the Xpander features oscillator frequency cross-modulation, so it can create FM-type sounds; or maybe he's just talking cack. Certainly he pronounces 'A.R.P' as 'Arp', which always annoys me irrationally...!

  3. That's a Synthi AKS, not a VCS3 (similar things though but the VCS3 is the version in the wooden panelling, where the Synthi AKS is the suitcase with the keyboard sequencer).

  4. I think the claim is "biggest working keyboard studio in the country (UK)". I don't know, it depends on defining "working" I guess. I'm sure a number private individuals have far larger collections.

    He's pointing to a Synthi AKS when he calls it the VCS3.

    As for ARP, yes they are the company founder's initials but don't you think they would have badged the instruments "A.R.P." with periods if it wasn't meant to be pronounced as an acronym?

    I don't believe Oberheim ever went beyond saying it had some FM capabilities Though their patent certainly didn't cover everything to do with FM their lawyers had their own agenda. What we are talking about in specific is the Xpander and the Matrix 12 have linear FM modulation capabilities on the VCO. If you just modulate a VCO with the output of another VCO you typically have exponential modulation. It can be a cool sound but won't track pitch properly. Linear FM means you get complex waves that trackpitch. Though here you have control on just a carrier and modulator. The digital DX7 had 6 oscillators per voice in far more complex arrangements.

  5. oops, I always post too soon.

    As for acronyms, NASA whom Alan R. Pearlman contracted for in his early days isn't pronounced N. A. S. A., it's an acronym.

    Finally Yamaha's lawyers were known to threaten anyone putting out a FM synth even if they might have lost in court. Oberheim, since they didn't hype it and got something out early didn't seem to incur wrath.

    Finally it's worth noting that many CEM VCO chips had linear FM designed into the chip. Otherwise arguably it would have cost much more in circuitry. Though clearly many builders did not have the panel room to implement it. It's a 2 operator system, so you can make some nice new sounds but it's not lie you could come close to dialing in a DX7 patch.

  6. did he say that the wurli costs 4500 pounds?

  7. is this guy taking the piss? nice shed, though

  8. Hmm, never thought of putting the GML equalizer in the same rack as the Super Jupiter. Might be just the thing to dial a little sheen onto those sync sweep patches...

  9. Glad he's got this studio, and that it seems so be a business, but there are/have been bigger and nicer looking synth studios in the UK. Oh, and the wobbly video doesn't impress.

    For an alternative, look up Philip Taysom in Sound on Sound here:

    I know that I've seen pictures of this studio on Matrixsynth, and he has been mentioned in MusicThing.

    Of course, claims to the largest synth collection don't matter. It's what you do with your collection that matters, whether for personal enjoyment or profit.

  10. Not a bad video, though as Synth100 pointed out, wasn't aware Wurli's are going for US$9,000. That's where I wandered away from the tour group.

    BTW, wonder if that AKS was used on any of those hit singles. Am guessing not.

  11. Nice playing and accomplishments, though.

  12. Xpander = Analog DX7? kind of an odd thing to say ... yes it had some FM capability but was it ever used all that often that way?

  13. He did come across as a bit of tosser !

    VCS3..... DUNG ! ! !

    XPander an DX7 in the same family ? WHAT ? - Has he even listened to either of them ?

    I'm sure he's a good writer but that studio looked a bit dated and home-brew to me.

    OB8 fattest synth ! ? Nope that would be FOURVOICE followed by OBX followed by OBXA then OB8

    As for the boast of largest collection of keyboards in a working studio HA ! ! Not even close ! I'd call that just above average

  14. That's not even the largest keyboard collection in London, never mind the world.

    Impressive production credentials, but the crappy video is doing him no favours.

  15. was that made to put on jdate or something?

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. wow what a crap selection of terrible god damn awful artists he's produced for....soul II soul are about the only ones in there with even a shred of credibility!!.....He's not in the leasist bit arrogant is he either?!?! And there are far bigger collections/studio's in London let alone the country!! Wow just.... WOW

  18. the hammond sounded good though!!

  19. media whore - 4 Voices fatter than 8? The SX with 6 voices sounds fatter then the 4 voice, though I'd prob kick the rest out of my sleeping bag before I'd sign off the 4. JMHO

  20. four Voice is MUCH bigger than an OB8 ! Lightyears more balls.

    Check out a SEM if you get the chance




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