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Sunday, March 16, 2008

MOOG Minimoog Voyager OS Stolen from the Musikmesse?

Word from Amos of MOOG Music on the Analog Heaven list is that this Voyager OS listed on was stolen from the Frankfurt Musikmesse.

"So some clever fellow stole one of the world's only Voyager Old School prototypes from the Frankfurt Musikmesse... and lo and behold, here it is on German eBay! My good friend Jens Steinmeyer called me from Germany to alert me to this one. It's .de item number 180224511106, see for yourself. Jens has alerted the local constabulary, but if there is anything else the global analog community can do to make sure that the thief is caught, by all means lend a hand... thanks!"

Update: BTW, Amos has requested that Ebay not be notified so the local authorities can follow through.

Update via actuel in the comments: "Elektron the same night had a Monomachine MKII & Machinedrum/UW MKII also stolen. I will definitely point them to this Ebay seller."

Update: The thief has been caught!!! via Amos of MOOG Music:
"UPDATE: The thief has been caught, and Moog and Elektron were not the only victims! Here's the news via Stefan Hund of EMC (Moog distributor in Germany):

"YES, we were sucessful. Because this guy was so stupid to offer the prototype at Ebay, the police did get his address very quickly from Ebay monday morning and arrested him monday aftersoon with house search!! The police found a lot of stolen stuff including the Voyager OS. This guy was "singing like a bird" and told did steal stuff from 7!! more other companies.

In present the OS is safe at the police station at Frankfurt, will pickup the unit next week."




  1. Funny, the description in the auction says he got it one month ago from the States, he testet it and liked it, but now he wants something else though. Also there is no mentioning of a box or anything else. What a bastard.

  2. Well, he took down the auction. Anyone have any updates?

  3. what a prick! seriously...

  4. I saved it here for when it disappears off of the bay.

  5. Wow, and this criminal has a long history on ebay: 571 items. Makes you wonder...

  6. Elektron the same night had a Monomachine MKII & Machinedrum/UW MKII also stolen. I will definitely point them to this Ebay seller.

  7. It's the proto with the crappy Kinkos overlay and no SN!

  8. Mmm you are all weird too. Let me play the devils advocate.

    1 You can buy them in the states. They were released 2 month ago.
    2 If you don't like it you're not gonna tell that when you sell it.
    3 I've looked at the feedback of the seller and it doesn't look like scammer too me. And i've been scammed before
    4 Your all making assumptions based on a hype if you would ask me.

  9. Well you made a lot of good points but IMHO it is just weird that somebody who is really so enthusiastic about a brandnew synth that he imports it on his own behalf (overseas freight, customs, VAT) will discard it after 4 weeks. Also, where is the powerchord, the manual, and the box? Anyways, you maybe right, but then again, what caused the auction to stop? Btw, selling stolen stuff is one thing, getting good feedback on the bay is another.

  10. Um... Alha your wrong.
    This synth is still in proto stage. Actual production had not started by the time of Musikmesse so only proto types exist. It was not available in the US two months ago, only shown in the US two months ago. Production models have not yet shipped.
    This is obviously a stolen unit as there are only a very small number in existence.

  11. @axel .. i know some guys who do ! Monopoly who's also on matrixsynth. And yes you can wipe out bad feedback on evilbay if you're big. But not if it is about scamming. Listing it without a box, plug doesn't exclude there isn't any.
    @hawker .. You're right about me not knowing exactly. But all the news i found on the net said that it was available from 18 jan. Do you have a reliable source ?

  12. Alha said.
    "Do you have a reliable source ?"

    As a mater of fact I do, I'm one of the engineers who designed it (along with Steve and Cyril). Is that reliable enough?

  13. Beg your pardon, all I meant was that he can sell stolen stuff and be a "good ebayer" with a lot of positive feedback at the same time. If one really put stolen stuff on ebay to get money out of it it would be idiotic to rip off ebay customers, wouldn't it.
    Ah enough now.

  14. alha said, with unintentional irony,
    "I've looked at the feedback of the seller and it doesn't look like scammer too me. And i've been scammed before"

    ...which perhaps suggests that he might not be the best of judges - or at the very least, that he tends not to err on the side of caution...?

  15. Everybody, I need your help. I was also publishing about this. One of my users posted a link in a comment, claiming the thieve's net ID - matching your informations, and I strongly believe it was sourced from this article. The user doesn't have email or website ID, which is OK according to our rules - so I can't reach him/her directly.

    Now I've been contacted by this link's owner asking for removal. I traced back the email route and seems credible. (email sample available for the admin).

    So, was it him/her really? If so, then I'm puffed, if not, then I feel I must remove the offending links and comments.

    Hungarian web link
    English translated (awful, sorry)



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