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Monday, March 31, 2008

New MOOG Guitar Related?

Guy D2 grab a few frames off of the video playing on the MOOG Music website. Click here for more and of course check out the MOOG website for the video.


  1. heh, the answer is '42'

  2. or "we are sorry for the inconvenience"

    Has Moog jumped the shark?



  3. Careful...Nothing from Moog Music labeled "April 1, 200x" is to be trusted!

  4. Straight from Cort, I'm sure.

  5. The April Fools is a possiblity...

    However ... Why couldn't they make a nice midi-guitar controller using the Pianobar type technology or some variation there of.

  6. psychic prediction:
    people who only play synths and/or can't afford it will complain to high heaven. Perhaps like never before. Oh, the pointless snarkery that will ensue.

    people who understand it and can afford it will be singing its praises forever. It's revolutionary.

    OK, the crystal ball is a little cloudy... that second part might be a little off. ;-)

  7. They've been showing around privately in the last few weeks.

    It's a guitar with a polyphonic sustainer.

    The part I really don't get is that it apparently has no 13-pin hex output to drive MIDI interfaces or other hex processors.

  8. I didn't sign up for their newsletter so I don't have all the details but didn't Fernandes already do the polyphonic sustainter thing like 10+ years ago? Also, that guitar is freaking ugly!

  9. the make the pedals why not guitars

    I am not a guitar person at all but good luck guys

  10. well a guitar midi interface that actually tracks well would be way cool

    I have a Roland GI-20 and a GK2 pick up and I record MIDI and then spend all night deleting the transient false note mistakes out of the sequence

    hey I'd be happy if they just actually shipped that MP201 pedal

  11. Moog needs to start making some new products that people actually want to buy, like a four-voice LP for less than $3K.

  12. +1000 to Keybdwizard.

    Recent things like the Multipedal are clearly made for people amassing huge collections of Moogerfooogers and such -- the modular crowd.

    Something like the LP for a budget synth was great, and if they try to make more things like that, I think they will do very well.

    I wish they would steer back from the boutique/overpriced direction just a little bit.

    As a recent example, you can get an analog delay for about 1/3 the price of Moogs that still does 600ms and has
    the same quality.

    Moog -- more good stuff that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and isn't crazy weird, please.

  13. Why don't they make a proper Gizmotron instead, using current technology, so that it can be used on any guitar?

  14. This will revolutionize the world of guitar. Stay tuned. It is real and it is not just another time-delayed MIDI controller!

  15. I saw a demo of this guitar last weekend at Etherfest. It has some really amazing features. (Don’t think all of those knobs are up and running yet. No one would comment when I asked what each one did.) It has no midi or synth interface but I think their mindset is to process the sustained sound it makes through their moogerfooger pedals. Which it is brilliant at. But I have no idea who could afford the whole rig.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I had an early prototype in my hands Sep-Dec 2007...the release version will do much more.

    Trust me: there is a whole lot more to the VO than a Fernandes Sustainer, Ebow or Sustainiac...

    I found an organic quality to this instrument that is often lacking in "electronic instruments"...very cool.

    More later...

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