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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Paia oddity (the 3790 EEG)

You can find an mp3 demo here.

Remember the 3790 from this post?

Here's some more info via Lee:

"Attached is a photo of the device with its new case, scan of the ad in the 1978 Paia catalogue and a mp3 (2 mins.)of its sound.

I bought it in 1978 from the Paia catalogue and have had enjoyed its soothing tones ever since.

The Stereo Chord EGG (Encephalo-Gratification Generator) is really cool. It generates a swirling, relaxing pattern of C chords, F chords, and G chords. The individual notes drift in and out, and the chords change very smoothly.

It's supposed to create low frequency beat frequencies around three or four hertz that will subconsciously entrain your brain waves to a delta state.

It only has one control pot, all the way to the left is more panning less filter, all the way to the right is more filter less panning. The MP3 is at the mid setting.

I sometimes have it on very low playing through my stereo. Once somebody asked me "Is there something wrong with your refrigerator?"

Back in 1999 I called PAIA to get the value of a resistor that I thought was burned out and John Simonton answered the phone. He said " You actually still have one of these!" When I said yes he laughed out loud for several seconds. Link to the manual



  1. me wants a schematic! looks like a simple enough circuit to construct ;)

  2. Yeah, but good luck finding the chips! The schematic is available online if you are up for the challenge.

    I made a demonstration video of an Egg I recently sold on ebay:

  3. Thanks zonkout. I thought I put that video up but apparently not. I just put it up in a new post. BTW, is the "Egg" just a nickname for the EEG or is it actually different?


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