MATRIXSYNTH: The Four Towers - Fist of God

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Four Towers - Fist of God

via retrosynth

"John Duval sees your three towers and will raise you one. Four towers"

Guess the modulars


  1. I thought John sold the Fist of God set up?

  2. he did part the system, but it makes the preserved image no less impressive.

  3. yes this is cheating isnt it ? :-)

    I guess in 20 days Hans Zimmer will rise the stakes

  4. 2/3 of it made it's way to my place. There are 23 panels in the picture and I have 14 of them + a TKB that I'm pretty sure was never in the "Fist of God". It's packaged in only two towers now though:

    In hindsight I should have made it at least three towers wide. I have some Frack Rack gear as well and it's a pain to reach up high and down low to patch things up.

  5. Gees, it makes my single Analogue Systems tower look dwarfish.

    I actually noticed my modular shed a tear when I watched that pic. He's gets jalous so easily.

    You should have witnessed when he fought my Andromeda one night. Clash of the Titans.

  6. All these tower images have successfully weaned me from my need to even bother starting a modular rig assembly. Thanks Matrixsynth! I can afford that vacation to Tahiti now!

  7. that is beautiful. but i agree, the legality is iffy if the towers no longer exist. but i guess i was vanquished with three towers :)

    i was interested in how john duval set up 8 tx81z's with some kind of arpegiattor or strummer or something. i asked him what it sounded like but he never let on. 2 things. why 8 tx81zs? and then: what did it sound like?

  8. what!?!?
    no mood lighting??

    aka ~daddio~

  9. I'm pretty lame. .didn't know this site existed. If anyone has any questions at this late date feel free to e-mail me. . Thanks Carbon for putting this up. maybe one of these days we can get together for coffee. Take care everyone
    John DuVal (CptFog)

  10. guess it would help if I left my addy . .



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