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Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Synthesist's Guide to Acoustic Instruments

via Loscha


Update via Loscha:
"I've re-uploaded the mp3s. The disc is in Mono, so, I've made the mono, and trimmed the tops and tails.

Written my Howard Massey, Alex Noyes and Daniel Shklair. Published in 1987, the book gives it's reader a good insight into how sounds are made up, attacks, spectral components and such. These patch examples in the book are for CZ-101, Dx7, and generic subractive systems. They are presented on the Flexi as, well, realistic. But,
only realistic in terms of that these are the sounds that you, the end user, would end up with if you were to follow their book! The book presents typical ranges, polyphony in use, if the note can slide or trill, etc. A sort of how to guide for people without access to these instruments. It's not just about synthesis, it's about
playing technique, and how that translates into realistically recreating the style of the instrument in Synthr format.

The LP features an Acoustic sound, followed by the result from following the patches and techniques in the book.

The introduction from Dr John Chowning:
One of the most exciting experiences for musicians is in learning about the medium beyond "Playing the notes in a musical way." This book, designed for those who play and program synthesizers, is insightfully written. Here, the nature of the micro-structure of sound is clearly revealed and with it much of the magic of music. - Dr John Chowning, CCRMA, Stanford University."


  1. So, not knowing what's in the book corresponding to the audio examples, are the synth clips immediately following each acoustic clip supposed to represent good, bad, or just typical?

    The sax is easily the worst, with the electric guitar a close second (even today, it's hard to pull these off). Most of them are pretty lame, but it's pretty hard to butcher a marimba or harpsichord too badly.

  2. Leslie Sanford1/3/16, 8:40 AM

    I've owned this book for nearly thirty years but have long lost the sound sheet. Thanks so much for uploading this.

    1. Leslie Sanford1/3/16, 8:42 AM

      I spoke too soon. Both mp3 links are not found. :(

    2. Hi Leslie, I'll try and find the mp3s again in the next day or so.

      Regards, Loscha (he original uploader)


  4. Leslie Sanford1/13/16, 6:10 AM

    Thank you, Loscha! It means a lot to have these files after all of these years! I'm sure others will appreciate them, too.

  5. Great!! And it would be wonderful if you could post the book too.


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