Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Red Rig

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"Check out my brother's crazy-ass new electronic drum rig... he's spent months planning it & working on it!"
"OK folks... Here it is, in all its '80s glory: the 6-sided Red Rig. Made to mimic the look of the vintage drum pads, it's made of 100% PVC pipe and copper pad fittings. All custom designed - made it up as I went along. The wiring harness took about a day to make, and is almost completely hidden inside the tubes themselves. The ends just hang in place for quick connection to the pads when setting up, and to connect to the snake that feeds the equipment rack.

Black and red cymbals are made by Krest out of Brazil and took 8 months to get the order finalized and shipped. (There is only one U.S. rep.)

Not in place in these shots is the standard hi-hat stand (although I might try to paint it, too) which also uses black cymbals. "Gong" at rear works, and can trigger any sound source I feed it. (Sadly, I don't have an actual gong sound - yet. Need a rack-mount sampler.) The entire rig uses no standard metal pieces - except the hi-hat stand - and breaks down into smaller pieces. The top and bottom "rings" split in half, held together with quick-release hood pins - like from a race car.

The footprint is not significantly bigger than my old setup, considering my amp and rack can reside inside this space. It's 6'8" point-to-point. Biggest challenge is that the paint - which supposedly is formulated for plastic surfaces - scratches easier than a bag of rabid cats, even with multiple coats and 3 layers of urethane. This is what prompted me to go to the next level: I'm going to give it the Eddie Van Halen 'Frankenstein' look. May start doing it this weekend."

Update: new pics added to the set. "He Frankenstein-ified the red rig."


  1. I really has to be seen to be believed. I can't wait to gig out with my brother playing on this thing. Assuming it'll even fit onstage at Joe Shmoe's Bar & Grill... ;-)

  2. That is so smokin hot! I have a feeling that an SDS-7 module could make a pretty nasty noisy GONG sound if ya wanted.

    KILLER work!


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