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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Manufacturers and More

Click each image to get to the corresponding website. Note the date of this post is 2009, so some of these banners are old and some sites may be gone. This page exists more for historical purposes. If you are a manufacturer and would like to be added to the list below, send me a 250px × 100px graphic and I will add it. Note this is first come first serve. Placement on this page is FREE.

NovamusikEquinox OZ

Control NY
AbertronixtherevoxGove AudioMusic InclusiveStanduinoKrisp1Thonk DIY ModularWorld Grid ModularAudulusFuture RetroSynthrotekNinstrumentControl VoltageKoushionWoodbrass.comMarmot AudioLaurentide SynthworksSynthesis & Sound DesignJu-X DesignsMeMe AntennaModular for iPadFunky JunkSYNTHCUBESYNTHCUBEEvaton TechnologiesLush ProjectsAnimodulenw2spinballdjAbstract DataCymru BeatsNumerologyAnalog U.S.Three Wave MusicMulogixG-Storm ElectroSonalSystemWell PCBzlog modular

300px banners:

enclaveAd InfinitumNova MusikPerfect Circuit AudioArturiaNoisebugMuff WigglerControlAnalogZonePercussaMicrobe ModularElectric Music Store“befaco”SYNTHCUBENovationDenver Synth MeetMoog MusicSynth CitySYNTH-WERKAnalogue ZoneBlacetSignal Sounds
knobconSwitched OnRadiatorKilpatrick AudioSynthesis TechnologyTone TweakersUVIPatchwerks


  1. The front page book advertisement icons are unlinked, as are a lot of company icons on the Manufacturers page. The text links are working. It looks like a directory issue on one of your server drives, but that's just an initial guess.

    1. The site likely didn't fully load. I saw the same until it loaded. Just depends on the connection and the session. As for this page, these are old banners and old links. More of a repository of old banners and old links. Some work, some no longer do.

  2. Also my posts are marked "Unknown" though I have been here before as gridsleep and am now going under my real name Kurt Faasse. I just resubscribed so that should change. I visit here at least once each day so I should pay toll.

    1. You need to select your alias under the "Reply as" drop down. It only works if you are logged into Google. It's a Blogger thing.

    2. And than you for supporting the site! :) Feel free to reach out to me via email. matrixsynth at gmail

    3. I got rid of my gmail accounts. I'm logged into Youtube with my nongoogle email. I'm marked here as Reply as: but it apparently does not register.

  3. I tried viewing one of the non-visible graphics on a new tab in Firefox and this appeared:
    Deceptive site ahead

    Firefox blocked this page because it may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing personal information like passwords or credit cards.

    Advisory provided by Google Safe Browsing. has been reported as a deceptive site. You can report a detection problem or ignore the risk and go to this unsafe site.

    Learn more about deceptive sites and phishing at Learn more about Firefox’s Phishing and Malware Protection at

    1. That I don't know. Non visible graphics?

    2. Yes, the placeholders before everything loaded properly. It may have been Analogue Zone. I click on it now and my security says it is a potential hazard because of certificate problems. But the site comes up after I clear that.



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