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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mini Moog Model D Synth w/ MIDI & split kybd

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"This early 1970s, vintage synth is rather unique, in that it has been outfitted w/ a MIDI interface, at the Moog factory and under the direct supervision of Bob Moog only a few years ago. At the same time, the latest, rock-stable oscillator cards were installed and the instrument is in PERFECT working condition. None of the keys stick, and all of the pots and switches work as well as the day I bought it. I am the original and sole owner. The keyboard was split from the body, again at the Moog factory circa 1974 and under the supervision of Bob Moog. Because the instrument was only a year or two off the production line at that point, and the factory was still creating these instruments for market, the wooden framing that the factory carpenters custom made after the split "surgery" was complete match the rest of the body just perfectly. The two halves are connected by a twenty foot, pliable snake, with “Jones Plug” connectors on each end. Unusual, now, but these were relatively common connectors of that period – and they work perfectly. Why the split? In the mid 70s, I heard and saw The Mahavishnu Orchestra perform on many occasions, and the keyboard player, Jan Hammer, wore a split Mini Moog keyboard around his neck and played it in guitar-like fashion. A “first” at the time, and I had to have it done, by the same technicians, at the same factory, and under Bob Moog’s personal supervision. The lugs for a guitar strap remain on the keyboard box to this day.

I had the pleasure of both meeting and performing for Bob on multiple occasions, as I had been asked to join the Moog touring electronic music ensemble in the mid 70s by the then Moog V.P. of Marketing, Herb Deutsch. He is the man who co-invented the instrument in the summer of 1964 with Bob, and who was/is, an excellent snyth player as well. The ensemble performed periodically for the next couple of years, so as a “road instrument,” it sustained multiple “car-door dings” if you will, but all of these were finished-over by a professional paint/stain restoration artist, and are now nearly imperceptible.

For the last twenty-five years or so, the instrument resided in a major Manhattan recording studio. It was used near daily on some of the most major recordings of the last quarter century. The instrument was cleaned before and after every recording session, and was kept in PRISTINE working and cosmetic condition. The small, clear decals with the studio’s logo in black still remain on both sections of the instrument, placed there for security purposes.

This vintage instrument comes with a rather long and glorious history, and sounds - simply sensational! Of course, this totally in-tune instrument can now be controlled by another keyboard or computer, and that MIDI function works perfectly."

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